Isit good or is it bad?

Published on Thu, Mar 31, 2005
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Is it good or is it bad?

Spring means it’s time to clean out the garage. But, how do you know what to toss and what to store? Here are some general guidelines for many common gardening and lawn care products.

Gasoline – Gas has a shelf life of around 30 days. It does not store as well as the gasoline we used even just a few years ago.

Oil – Oil can have a shelf life of up to three years, but it is important to change mower engine oil at least once a year.

Grass seed – Depending upon the storage, grass seeds can last two to three years.

Fertilizer – Fertilizer never goes bad. Even when it becomes compacted and hard, all you need to do is take a hammer and break it apart.

Here is an important reminder regarding the environment: When discarding old fuel or oil, make sure to dispose of it properly in places such as a service station or waste disposal station.