Bestof the Police Report: 2004

Published on Thu, Jan 6, 2005
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Best of the Police Report: 2004

November 20: While on patrol an officer was contacted by a concerned citizen who reported a man was using a pay phone in the 200 block of E Street. The citizen was concerned because the man appeared to be wrapped only in a white sheet. Officers located the man and learned he had accidentally locked himself out of the house. Luckily the man was clothed, and he had a blanket to help keep him warm. He was going to go and get a cup of coffee while he waited for a relative to arrive with a key.

August 27: Neighbors called police to report they could hear someone screaming for help from a home in the next block Officers arrived and also heard a man yelling very loudly, screaming for help and divine intervention. The screaming continued until officers knocked on the door. A few seconds later a young man calmly presented himself. He was surprised to find the police, and explained he was home alone and really getting into his favorite video game. Officers checked the interior of the home, confirmed the man’s story, and suggested he close his windows before taking the game off pause.

August 17: A resident reported there was a man in her neighborhood in the 9100 block of Chickadee Way who she believed did not belong there. The man was wearing a helmet with a light on it, and he was spreading oats along the curb. The man then parked in a neighbors’ driveway and remained in his vehicle for a long time. An officer contacted the man and discovered he was an entomologist who was searching for a rare species of insect. He was hoping to attract the insects with the oats, so he could collect them for study. The man was a houseguest of the neighbors, and they confirmed his story. (No insects ate the bait while the officer was present.)

August 15: Passing motorists found a two-year-old riding a tricycle across Peace Portal Drive with no adults in sight. They rescued the two-year-old from the street and called police. He was too young to give his name or address, and officers conducted a canvas of the neighborhood trying to locate the parents. The parents called to report the child missing over two hours later. The child was placed into protective custody and released to Child Protective Services pending their investigation.

July 25: While on patrol an officer observed a bicyclist strike the curb and bounce off a light pole before landing on the sidewalk in the 800 block of Peace Portal Drive. The officer and other passers-by stopped to render assistance. The officer discovered the adult rider was very intoxicated and moderately injured - the six-pack of alcohol bottles he was clutching had apparently helped break his fall. A medic unit was requested and responded, but the man refused to be treated by the fire/rescue personnel. (His actual statement was something to the effect that the medics “should be rescuing old ladies from burning houses and not driving around Blaine harassing people for little things like this.”) He stated he would treat himself at home with liquid medicine and signed the medics form confirming that he was refusing treatment for his cuts and bruises.

February 13: Friday the 13th nighttime. A motorist from out of the area was driving his BMW 328i westbound on Boblett Street at about 40 mph in the 25 mph zone from O’Dell Road. He later stated that he could see a traffic light at Boblett and SR 543 in the distance. He was heading for that intersection when, much to his surprise, he found a curb, chain link fence, and airport runway in his path. It turns out he had missed seeing both the 25 mph sign and the Dead End Road sign.