Somechicken with that pie?

Published on Thu, Oct 14, 2004 by ack Kintner

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Some chicken with that pie?

By Jack Kintner

BOGO, the newest pizza restaurant in Blaine has just added chicken dishes as a feature of their menu, an idea owner Jerry Thrasher has been working on for quite some time. The restaurant is also now called Chick n’ Spuds.

Thrasher moved into the area four years ago to take over a Pizza Factory restaurant in Ferndale, but things were not as he expected when he arrived, he said, and “things didn’t work out.” He then looked for work, “and six months later I found it managing a combination Taco Bell and KFC in Anacortes.” A year later he took over the KFC in Bellingham.

Thrasher had worked in fast food in Spokane for 10 years, rising to be director of operations for a company that owned seven local pizza parlors. “I changed the title to area supervisor,” Thrasher smiled, “because that sounds less threatening.” Last July, in partnership with Dale Schrader, Thrasher left KFC to open his own place in the former Figaro’s location next door to Schrader’s Subway.

“It’s a good opportunity because there was already a lot here,” he said, “and I brought in some of my own restaurant things as well. We scrimped where we could, for example making our sign by recycling the old Figaro’s letters.” He has also created tasty and inventive ways to combine chicken and pizza dishes adding ground chicken as a topping. He uses many of the pizza sauces on the chicken wings as well.

“BOGO stands for ‘buy one get one,’” Thrasher explained, “because when you buy something then that discounts the next item as well.” The place has a franchise feel to it, and when asked if there are others, Thrasher smiled “not yet!”

Thrasher’s menu includes such innovations as salmon and chicken pizza toppings, and gourmet combos named after the directions of the compass. Salmon comes with the Northern Gourmet, BBQ sauce, chicken and bacon comes with the Western Gourmet, Cajun sauce, jalapeno and crushed red pepper comes on the Southern gourmet and Teriyaki sauce, cashews and pineapple comes on the Eastern Gourmet.

Thrasher employs 10 people at his restaurant, and is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week. The phone number is 332-9494.