Published on Thu, Jul 29, 2004 by Debby Farmer

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By Debby Farmer

Did you know that within the Whatcom County Library System or the Bellingham Public Library you have access to more than half a million items? Owning a library card from either system allows you to check out a majority of these materials. Whether it’s the latest gardening book by Jerry Baker currently located at the Bookmobile, or the DVD, Brother Bear, at the Lynden Library, you may request most any item to be sent to your home branch.

Please note though, this service is labor intensive. Staff members run a request report, pull each item, wand it, and pack it in the appropriate branch tote. These totes are picked up by the delivery staff and transferred to the appropriate branches. There they are unpacked, each item wanded again, and flagged with the requestor’s name. Every weekday, we at the Blaine Library receive delivery of these materials to fill your requests, often processing close to 200 a day. We are delighted to offer this service to our patrons, but are dismayed when these items are not picked up within the 7-10 day holding period, only to be returned to the originating branch. These items have been unavailable to others during that time, and the unnecessary handling costs are a drain to the taxpayers. Please pick up your holds!

On a more positive note, we’ve displayed a list of upcoming bestsellers to aid you in getting a jumpstart on placing your requests for these “hot” items. You may do so with a staff member, or on your own, either at a branch computer catalog or online from home.
This month we’ll be selecting the magazines that the library will carry in 2005. We invite you to let us know what titles you'd like to see included in the collection. We’re also on the lookout for various volumes of the Blaine high school annual to add to our reference collection. Contact the library for further information.

Please be aware that there is currently a vacancy on the Library Board of Trustees. Since the resigning member is from the Blaine area, the desire is that the opening be filled by a Blaine resident. Applications forms are available at the library.

Summer Reading Club members have read over 2,500 items so far, and the summer is only halfway over! Lots of spinning of the “Reading Wheel” and prizes being won at the Blaine Library!