Tough10th street tenacity triumphs

Published on Thu, Jul 1, 2004
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Tough 10th street tenacity triumphs

The tenacity of 10th Street residents has paid off. Attending every city council meeting for the last month, a collection of residents tired of driving through a lake in the rainy months has convinced Blaine city council that their street should be at the top of the list when it comes to rebuilding residential streets.

“10th needs to go first,” said city council member Bonnie Onyon at the June 28 city council meeting, when council voted unanimously to approve the city’s six-year transportation plan. The plan lists the reconstruction of Marine Drive, a new downtown interchange design and 10th Street as the top three city transportation priorities. Cherry Street reconstruction moved from the number three to the number four spot

Public works director Steve Banham said he expects construction on 10th Street to start in 2005, paid for by the last of the funds from the 1996 residential street levy.

Banham said if there is any money left it will go to Cherry Street the next year, a project he hopes can also get a grant through the state Transportation Improvement Board. Otherwise that project will have to wait. “We hope if we go for another street levy residents of 10th Street will support the same thing for other streets,” suggested mayor Dieter Schugt.