Smoothstreets in store for east Blaine

Published on Thu, May 6, 2004 by rent Cole

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Smooth streets in store for east Blaine

By Brent Cole

Get ready for the big machines - the city has plans to lay down lots of asphalt this summer, mostly in east Blaine.

“Some streets in east Blaine haven’t been paved in 20 years,” said Steve Banham public works director. “It hasn’t been overlaid and it’s showing.”

The city plans to first make spot repairs and then overlay the streets with a layer of asphalt.

According to Banham, 2nd Street (from D Street to the park), 6th Street (D Street north to A Street) A, B, and C Streets (between 6th and 8th Street) and Cedar Street are potential candidates for roadwork. The city is also considering the area commonly known as Peace Arch Plaza, which includes Birch Court, Boundary Court, Drayton Court, and Peace Arch Court.

The city has finalized the contract with the projects engineers and have a budget of roughly $300,000. “The first step is they (the engineers) give us a report on how to get the streets up to condition for the overlay,” said Banham After devising a strategy, Banham. will take the overlay plan to the city council for approval this summer. After they get approval , they can begin work, tentatively scheduled for late August.

“We’ll look at them all; we’ll identify which ones are doable,” continued Banham. “We’ll get a cost estimate for the localized repairs, and then we’ll overlay the whole thing.”

The streets listed are candidates for the overlay, but a final decision as to which streets will be paved won’t be made until after the city works with the engineers to determine which streets are in the most need of repair. The goal, said Banham, is to lay as much asphalt on the older streets.

“We anticipate three maybe four weeks at the most,” said Banham, “We want to be finished by mid-September, maybe quicker than that.”