City’sfinancial picture is sharp and crisp

Published on Thu, Apr 29, 2004 by rent Cole

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City’s financial picture is sharp and crisp

By Brent Cole

The city of Blaine released its 2004 first quarter financial review at Monday night’s city council meeting and the overall prognosis is that things are moving along as projected.

“Everything is tracking pretty well according to our budget,” stated Meredith Riley, the city’s finance director.

The financial review examined the general fund along with the city’s utilities and the airport.

Of the utilities, one of the more notable was the electric revenue, which was up 14 percent from 2003 to date due to the cold weather in December and January. Conversely, the low point was the airport with fuel sales being down 12 percent from budget also due to bad weather in the winter.

“Revenues and expenditures are in line with the budgets, though the sales tax will need watching,” Riley reported.