Funnyevening to help send the ball team down under

Published on Thu, Mar 18, 2004
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Funny evening to help
send the ball team down under

Scrambled McManus, starring Tim Behrens, is a savory stew of stories from the Pat McManus Comedies and will be featured at the Performing Arts Center in Blaine on Saturday, April 3, at 8 p.m.
Scrambled McManus is a tribute to humor and to the concept of story. The show is structured to appeal equally to diehard fans and to those who are stepping into the wonderful, wacky world of McManus for the first time.

Behrens concocts a feast for the audience’s imagination with the simplest of ingredients: a bare stage, four props and six stools. The usual McManus staples all make an appearance: Rancid Crabtree, Crazy Eddie Muldoon, Mrs. Swisher, Melba Peachbottom and Goombaw to name a few. Each contributes his or her (or its) own idea about the nature of the story itself, and how it feels to be a McManus character, much to their creator’s consternation.

The evening’s menu includes: The Mummy (a light-hearted look at fear of the dark); The Night the Bear Ate Goombaw (a fur-fetched tale); My First Cannon; and the Bike (or how not to prepare for your first date) and more.

Refreshments will be available at intermission. Proceeds go to high school baseball players for their “Australia Down Under 2004 Tour.”
Admission is $15, pre-sale, or $20 at the door the evening of the show. Tickets are available at Cost Cutter stores in Blaine, Ferndale and Guide Meridian, or by calling 332-9439.