Abig welcome to Jerry Gay

Published on Thu, Mar 11, 2004
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A big welcome to Jerry Gay

As a young boy at age 12, while visiting his grandparents’ farm in Blaine, Jerry Gay had already decided he wanted to be either a minister or a news photographer. Today, 45 years later, he’s lived primarily as a life long photojournalist and teacher. Jerry sees that he is best able to recognize and capture on film the truly heroic saints among those of us who appeared to live ordinary lives in ordinary places.

At age 28, while a staff photographer for the Seattle Times, Jerry was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for news photography in 1975. Entitled, “Lull in the Battle,” the picture depicts firemen sitting in a moment of deep reflection after battling a house fire. This photo spoke of courage, dedication and humanity during the troubled times of the Vietnam War when many people thought our country was neither courageous, dedicated nor humanitarian.

In addition to the Pulitzer Prize, Jerry also received the first Edward Steichen Award for news photography and was named regional Photographer of the Year in 1974, 1975, 1976 and 1977 by the National Press Photographers Association, an organization for which he also served as president. He also photographed for major newspapers across the country including the Los Angeles Times and New York Newsday.

To more fully explore both human and spiritual life, Jerry recently took to the back roads of America. During three consecutive summers of cross-country road trips, he drove nearly 50,000 miles in the 48 continental United States. Randomly, he would stop in small towns and farms to document the daily lives of everyday people in America.

Last summer Jerry moved to Blaine. He looks forward to sharing his stories and pictures with you, his neighbors, in the pages of The Northern Light and All Point Bulletin.