City of Blaine takes on plans for this year

Published on Thu, Jan 1, 2004 by Dieter Schugt, Mayor

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City of Blaine takes on plans for this year

By Dieter Schugt, Mayor

Others will cover what the city has accomplished in 2003. So many projects are on-going. Hopefully, the following will reach the action phase this next year.
� Receive and implement a wastewater plan which protects Drayton Harbor, one of our jewels, and support growth for years to come.
� Receive and implement a water plan and necessary capital projects.
� Complete the boardwalk and all its potential for invigorating the downtown economic growth.
� Complete Lincoln Road express feeder connection to realize back-up power to west Blaine.
� Review all capital facilities for adequate reserve accounts for future demands and needs.
� Update the comprehensive plan, which gives vision and guidance 20 years out on land use, capital expenditures, and growth while respecting the natural environment.
� Protect neighborhoods by zoning revisions and establish Urban Growth Area (UGA) guidelines with the county.
� Continue city of Blaine representatives on the council of government helping implement transportation needs of the county and working with the federal/state funding on I-5 access 274/276.
� Receive results of airport master plan to determine future direction for this city-owned property.

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