Woods, Nunamaker attend their last Blaine school board meeting

Published on Thu, Nov 27, 2003
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Woods, Nunamaker attend their last Blaine school board meeting

With a combined 36 years of service, the tenure of two of Blaine�s school board members came to an end at Monday night�s board meeting with the retirement of both Betty Nunamaker and Jane Woods.

Woods, who has been on the board for 12 years, singled out everyone in the room she�d worked with over the years for special thanks, especially the principals, administrative staff and recently retired superintendent Dr. Gordon Dolman.

Board president Mike Dodd introduced Nunamaker as his sixth grade teacher and it was noted that her husband Bob had been his principal. �I waited until my husband retired to run for the board, because in those days the principal�s wife wasn�t supposed to say anything, of course,� she winked.

Blaine was the poorest district in the county, she added, when she was first elected. �And you know, I�m still waiting for those lights to be installed in the parking lot, and now we�ll get them just as I�m leaving.�

Dolman, who returned to the campus to honor the two women for their service, said that the continuity of service they represented made his work much easier. �Stability of leadership at the board level is one reason our schools are in such good shape,� he said.

Current superintendent Dr. Mary Lynne Derrington pointed out that their names have been added to the list of past board members in gold letters on the board room wall.

Before moving to Blaine, Woods taught special education throughout public schools in Alameda County, California. She now works at a customs brokerage firm and did not run for re-election

. Nunamaker, who served 24 years on the board, was defeated by Todd Berge earlier in the month. Her five children graduated from the Blaine system. She is now retired.