Pastor faces federal charges after teen smuggling attempt

Published on Thu, Sep 25, 2003
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Pastor faces federal charges after teen smuggling attempt

The youth pastor who was caught earlier this month attempting to smuggle a teenager in his trunk will face federal charges.

Michael O. Quillman, 30 of Norris City, Illinois, was initially charged with first degree sexual misconduct with a minor and possessing child pornography, after he was found to have a 16-year-old girl, apparently his girlfriend, in the trunk.

The federal authorities have now taken over the case, and Quillman was escorted by a U.S. marshal to a federal detention center in SeaTac on Monday. He will face a charge of crossing a state line to have sex with a minor, as well as two counts of producing child pornography. A hearing is pending later this week in U.S. District Court in Seattle.

The girl, who is now in child protective services, was interviewed by police on September 12 after she was found in the trunk. It appears the two were a couple, and heading to Alaska. Evidence in the vehicle indicated they had a sexual relationship, which included videos showing them engaging in sexual acts, pictures, pregnancy tests, and a storage chest containing wedding items. Other items included alcohol, a student planner, and a real estate guide.

Quillman, who was the girl�s youth pastor, told authorities he was the girl�s legal guardian and had a mutual consent placement form in the vehicle, which he says was signed by the girl�s mother.

According to authorities, the girl�s mental state is similar to that of a nine-year-old and she was excited to be getting married. She had been having sex with Quillman since she was 15.

During interviews with authorities, the girl stated she first met Quillman at a church where he � and his fiance � were youth pastors. Quillman was given legal guardianship of the girl from her mother, and she shortly after moved in with Quillman and his fiance.

Officials said the two stayed in a motel in Kentucky and Bellingham, and receipts were found for video equipment from Kentucky. Quillman told authorities he was in love with the girl and could not stop the relationship.

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