First of three gateway signs installed

Published on Thu, Jul 24, 2003 by Rebecca Schwarz Kopf

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First of three gateway signs installed

By Rebecca Schwarz Kopf

In an effort to enhance downtown Blaine and draw more visitors into the area, the city erected the first of three gateway signs earlier this week.

�The gateway signs are an important piece of the beautification and reviatization of our downtown, "said Debbie Harger, of the city of Blaine�s planning department. �The signs represent the character of a turn-of-the-century water front town and create an invitation to rediscover Blaine.�

Numerous city officials and sign committee members were present Tuesday afternoon, as the Sign Post erected the 12-foot sign on northern Peace Portal Drive, just past the off ramp of exit 276.

The sign project started more than eight months ago, and involved the work of designer Dave Christensen of Christensen Design Management, with the assistance of a sign committee comprised of city residents, business people and officials.

�This was a community project that involved community members and will ultimately enhance the community,� said community development director Terry Galvin.

Two other gateway signs will be erected by summer�s end � one at the truck crossing, the other at exit 274. In addition to these signs, directional signs indicating the location of city buildings and attractions will also be posted, as well as highway signage indicating restaurants, recreational activities, wildlife and other aspects of the city.

�We�re planning to begin the construction and location phases of the signage in the beginning of 2004,� Galvin said. �This is just one project the city is working on to enhance the downtown�s beauty and economy.�

Other items the city has worked on to enhance downtown, Galvin said, include the installation of banner poles to announce events, the rebuilding and landscaping of roads and parks, the clean-up of vacant business and land, and the removal of derelict signs, including the former Lamplighter Inn sign, which stood about 45 feet high.

The sign committee consists of: director of public works Steve Banham, Bill Becht of Horseshoe Antiques, Bob Christianson of the Pacific Building Center, community development director Terry Galvin, Bill Hager of the Port of Bellingham, Debbie Harger of the City of Blaine planning department, Earl Hutchins of Philtek Power Corp., city councilwoman Bonnie Onyon, and Jerry Wolten of Wolten�s True Value.