First a local taxi, then a local history musem

Published on Thu, Jul 24, 2003 by Rebecca Schwarz Kopf

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First a local taxi, then a local history musem

By Rebecca Schwarz Kopf

Caryn Johnson, director of the newly formed Blaine Heritage Society, wants Blaine to remember its history. But first, she�s bringing in some city transportation.

Johnson, who has been in Blaine since 1955, recently formed the society with the ultimate goal of creating a museum. �For years, I always thought that someone needed to start something, but I never thought it would be me,� she said.

But before that starts, she wants to bring the citizens of Blaine a taxi. She has been working with Jerry Chambers Chevrolet for several weeks now, who has agreed to give a vehicle to the community, for free.

�We feel that this can provide an economical boost to our community as well as providing a service to those who have no transportation to rely on for basic needs such as local shopping,� Johnson said. �It can also coincide with the Plover ferry schedule to transport tourists to local businesses or sites such as the Peace Arch and Birch Bay.�

The taxi will likely run in the morning through the evening, offering low fares within a 10-mile radius. It will employ one full-time cabbie and will likely begin running by the fall. �The sooner, the better,� she said. �The people of Blaine could really use it.� Funds from taxi use will be put toward a Blaine history museum, Johnson said. The museum will likely be located in the downtown area, but right now finding a location is a top priority. �I have a building in mind, but nothing is set,� she said.

Johnson said she is looking for volunteers to join the society and help with the museum start-up, as well as grant writers and other professional individuals to offer their services. �Also, anyone who wishes to give money or to donate photographs and other Blaine memorabilia. We need that.�

At the Fourth of July festivities, Johnson sponsored a booth and spoke with more than 190 people who signed up, are now on record with the Blaine Heritage Society.

�We need to be able to look back at records and see who was here,� she said. �Every community needs an organization like this.

For more information, or to make a donation, Johnson can be reached at 332-1338.

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