Seagrass Cottage project put on hold

Published on Thu, May 29, 2003 by Rebecca Schwarz Kopf

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Seagrass Cottage project put on hold

By Rebecca Schwarz Kopf

The Seagrass Cottage project, a 62-unit residential condominium development to be built on Semiahmoo spit by Trillium Corporation has been put on hold.

According to Terry Galvin, Blaine�s community development director, the city was notified last week by Jonathan Syre, Trillium�s chief operating officer, that the company wished to halt the project in order to seek out other project ideas.

�Trillium Corporation has formally requested to stop the clock on the Seagrass Cottage project,� Galvin said. �They are looking for some alternatives.�

The city of Blaine received an application on January 22 from Gepetto LLC, the proponent, and Trillium Corporation, the agent, for a preliminary binding site plan. The application was determined to be complete on February 7, 2003 and permits were requested for the 62-unit. The proposal involved the realignment of Semiahmoo Parkway and included new roads, public access trails, and landscaping, according to the notice of application. The proposed development is immediately adjacent to Drayton Harbor and Semiahmoo Bay.

During a project like this, there is a 120-day timeframe in which both parties, in this case the city and Trillium Corporation, can stop the clock on the project. �This 120-day timeframe is done in fairness to review the project,� Galvin said.

Although Trillium has not decided on a project alternative, the idea of reducing the number of units and increasing the acreage has been discussed. �That�s just one idea. We are re-working the design of the project to better answer some of the public�s concerns,� Jonathan Syre said.

Since the project�s formal application, the community has been speaking out, primarily against it. Council and informational meetings have been packed with residents to learn more and discuss the issue. They addressed concerns about the project, which included environmental impacts, adequate sewer capacity, traffic and wildlife.

Plans to build the condo units are included in Trillium�s 20-year-old master plan. The design of the Seagrass Cottages started several years ago, and it was said that the units would be landscaped with low brush, logs, beachwood and grasses, presenting a dune-like environment.

�Likely within the next few weeks, we�ll have a different project proposal,� Syre said.

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