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Published on Thu, Apr 10, 2003
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Book Review

by Jack Kintner

Cravings of the Soul, by Ann Christi

Subtitled �Knowing God,� this is an intriguing book that shows you just enough of the author�s personal journey to sweep readers into their own. There is a sense of urgency in this that makes it clear, �There is no time to waste � the time is now.� A positive, helpful and healthy word at the right time is like fuel in your inner tank. She wants the reader to have integrity, to do it him or herself, not by jumping through someone else�s hoops. This Blaine author has packed a lot of wisdom, encouragement, reassurance and self-disclosure into 144 pages. Christi begins by suggesting that the reader �Break all the rules, you and I, defying the rules of grammar, simply speaking the stories of our souls,� but if that�s a little scary, then you�ve picked up the right book. It�s followed immediately by �Put your feet up, pour yourself a cup of coffee or brew a pot of tea and simply be here with me.� Sounds inviting and easy, not like �work� at all.

Christi often says that �your own inner wisdom is your best spiritual teacher,� so in the book she works with you like a personal coach. You�re encouraged, for example, to spiritually strengthen your ego - which simply means making your own choices for your own reasons, not necessarily what someone�s told you to decide or what�s been judged best for you by others.

Christi knows that with strength comes independence, and both are needed when resisting those who would take your spiritual choices from you. �People end up anywhere they like,� she said when asked if one group or church is better than another, �the point is not the choice you make so much as that whatever you decide, it�s your own choice, and that takes strength, just like running a race.� Strength comes from conditioning and training, and that�s what gives Christi�s book its value.

As with any training regimen, there will be times when the reader is tempted to give up. Christi has ways of gently bringing the focus back to the journey she is taking, and, by invitation, the one you�re on as well. It�s the kind of book you keep handy to read and re-read, on a five minute break or for the rest of your life, �because who we were yesterday is not who we are today.� And, as with your body, there�s no reason not to be as spiritually healthy and strong as you can be.

Join author Ann Christi on April 19, 1:30 p.m., at Village Books, 1210 11th Street in Fairhaven (Bellingham) for a reading, discussion and signing of her new book.

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