Gov. Locke visits Blaine

Published on Thu, Mar 6, 2003
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Gov. Locke visits Blaine

Governor Gary Locke visited Blaine on Wednesday as part of a statewide �Jobs Now� tour, touting his economic recovery plan to create jobs now, spur the state�s economy and build for the future.

Locke took a tour of Nature�s Path Foods in the Blaine Business and Industrial Park. The company�s headquarters are in British Columbia, but it established the Blaine facility in 1999 with the help of the Governor�s office and the Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development. The company, which is currently expanding, is the top manufacturer of organic cereal in the country and currently employs 64 people at the plant.

A loan from the state�s Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB) to the city of Blaine for sewer and industrial class street access to the industrial park made it possible for the company to open its U.S. location.

Locke�s proposed 2003�05 budget calls for a permanent funding source for CERB. The governor�s office said programs like CERB are just one facet of Locke�s seven-point economic recovery plan. His plan also includes creating thousands of new construction jobs through building educational facilities, capitalizing on Washington�s advantage in international trade, and promoting the state�s technology strengths.

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