2002 IN REVIEWBlaine School District

Published on Fri, Jan 3, 2003 by Gordon Dolman

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Blaine School District

By Gordon Dolman

The Blaine school district is celebrating an exciting 2002 and looking forward to wonderful events in 2003.

Over the past 12 months we have seen many changes in our campus as a result of the capital projects bond. Completed projects include improved and expanded parking lots, additional classrooms at the middle and high schools, an upgraded phone system, improvements to roofs and heating systems and additional seating in the PAC. Soon we will be using new music rooms, a cafeteria and improved areas in the gyms. We have addressed safety concerns with updated lighting and security systems. The five-year plan is ahead of schedule due to the favorable weather conditions and quality construction workers.

Our students are thriving in the positive learning atmosphere provided by our staff. The high school advance placement program has expanded from one to eight classes. The middle school was identified as one of eight in Washington for the National Blue Ribbon School Award. New and larger computer labs in the high and middle schools are in constant use and WASL and ITBS scores continue to be high. Quality instructors in the ELL and special education programs assist our youth in achieving success. The girls and boys of Blaine are becoming outstanding citizens.

The campus, the heart of the Blaine community, continues to host a variety of athletic, academic and cultural events. The math championships will again be here, along with quality sports tournaments and a series of musical and dramatic productions. Parent-teacher conferences continue to be well attended and the Halloween carnival reached an all time high in participation.

As we enter 2003, our district will continue its commitment to excellent in education, exhibited by progress in test results and academic achievements. Also, our schools need your support during this critical time of legislative action; the educational team and the community must join to meet the coming challenges and use every opportunity to support our students’ success.
On behalf of the Blaine school district, best wishes to all for the coming new year.

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