Wheels available for stuck seniors

Published on Thu, Nov 21, 2002
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Wheels available for stuck seniors

Miracle on Wheels makes available power (electric) wheelchairs to non-ambulatory senior citizens (65 years old and up) usually at no out-of-pocket expense if they qualify. No deposit is required.

The electric wheelchairs are provided to those who cannot walk and cannot self-propel a manual wheelchair in their home or independent living quarters and who meet the additional qualifications of the program. This service may also be available to the permanently disabled of any age.

Please call 800/749-8778 or visit our website at www.durablemedical.com for more information on the details of this program.

The Miracle on Wheels program’s main purpose and goal is to develop public awareness that there are assistance options that allow senior citizens (as well as permanently disabled) to remain independent in their own homes. Without this awareness and assistance, the family may prematurely choose a nursing home, or make an unnecessary retail purchase on power mobility


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