Your chance to view a bit of ‘rock ’n roll’ history

Published on Thu, Aug 29, 2002 by Meg Olson

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Your chance to view
a bit of ‘rock ’n roll’ history

By Meg Olson

Birch Bay Village Clubs is offering a visit with a piece of rock and roll history to raise money for a bigger clubhouse.

The association has organized a rare tour of the 15,000 square foot Bachman Estate in Lynden, former home of Randy Bachman, of Bachman Turner Overdrive.

The September 14 tour will be combined with silent and live auctions at the estate, with donations from many county businesses, artwork from local artists, antiques and gift certificates on the block. City manager Gary Tomsic, a recent graduate of auctioneering school, will be calling the lots for the live auction. Refreshments, music and door prizes will add the final touches to the event.

Money raised during the auction will go to almost double the size of the Birch Bay Village clubhouse. The association has commissioned plans for a 60 by 60-foot rectangular addition with partitions to be added to the existing clubhouse, sextupling the capacity from 60 to 360 people. “The problem now is when we have an event, or a dinner, we have to turn people away,” said Birch Bay Village Clubs representative Ruth Lees. The association represents a roster of sport and social clubs at the residential community.

Lees said the addition will also allow multiple clubs to use the facility at the same time, thanks to partitions that can carve the space into a number of rooms. “We can have a meeting in one corner and an exercise class in another,” she said.

Final approval for the clubhouse expansion will be in the hands of the Birch Bay Village board, but Lees said they are keeping the proposal simple and basic, to tackle any objections of extravagance in advance. “It’s nothing elaborate and we’re doing it on a shoestring,” she said.

Tickets for the tour and auction are available for $25 through Ruth Lees at

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