A healthy alternative...

Published on Thu, Aug 29, 2002 by Mikeal Kenoyer

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A healthy alternative...

By Mikeal Kenoyer

Their grand opening won’t be until September, but already Health Education Associates (HEA) has been up and running for a year. Owners Robbie Waldo and Robin Jackson were tired of seeing people get CPR training and have no confidence in their ability to use it. An emergency medical technician and registered nurse, respectively, they opened HEA with the goal of providing fun and affordable training with a practice makes perfect guarantee.

“Both of us really wanted to educate people in first aid,” said Jackson. The classes offer training in CPR, treating everything from cardiac arrest and burns to shock, poisoning and amputations, and educates about legal issues with first aid.

Jackson said she and Waldo, both mothers with demanding jobs and hectic hours, like the idea of a business in the health field that would allow them the freedom to set their own hours yet still be available for their children.

Their flexibility, they hope, translates to convenience to their clientele. “Our services are offered to people in their homes,” Jackson said, and HEA is also set up to instruct large classes in churches, schools, community centers, and businesses. When it comes to price, “we’re quite competitive,” she said. She added classes end up costing $10 to $20 per person.

HEA has had some success in its first year, attracting clients like the YMCA, Whatcom County Parks and Recreation and daycare centers. While the business is still part-time for both women, they plan to begin to expand next month and hope to build their clientele and move out of the home, to a full-time business.

For more information or to schedule classes, visit
www.heal theducationassociates.com or phone 360/922-0085. .

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