Twenty years of great food

Published on Thu, Aug 22, 2002 by Meg Olson

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Twenty years of great food

By Meg Olson

Next weekend a Blaine waterfront landmark will celebrate 20 years of dishing out legendary fish and chips and darned good coffee.

Pat and Joe Slevin bought the Harbor Cafe bar and restaurant on Marine Drive in 1982. “It didn’t have any windows in it and the restaurant was a poker room and an office,” Pat Slevin remembers. “We tore down walls, put in windows, and it’s changed a couple of times since.”

What hasn’t changed much is the staff. Fred and Vivian Cedarquist have worked at Harbor Café for 19 years. Others include Francis Paul, 15 years, Leslie Anello, 13 and Monty Anderson, 12 years.

The restaurant’s emphasis on fresh seafood and their classic fish and chips and chowder is also the same. “The bar scene may change but the restaurant stays busy,” Slevin said.

To celebrate 20 years on the Blaine waterfront Harbor Café is having a party on August 24, and is inviting everyone. They’ll have an outside barbecue with pints of beer for $1 from noon on. .


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