Cleaning up their act, or just the facade?

Published on Thu, Mar 14, 2002
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Cleaning up their act, or just the facade?

There is no more mention of adult or XXX content on the outside of the Blaine Book Company. To read the building’s signs, it’s just another video store. The outside changes may signal changes inside the store, or it may be business as usual under a different guise.

The Blaine Book Company filed for Chapter seven bankruptcy on Valentine’s Day. Last week business owner Christopher Stansfield and clerk Jeremy Bell were cited by Blaine police for operating without a license, which the city has refused to issue until the business pays $30,000 in outstanding fines.

Meanwhile, building owner John Stansfield has applied for another business license to run a video sales and rental business at the location under the name Filana Capital Inc. “They’re maintaining they’re just a regular video store,” said city manager Gary Tomsic. He added the city will likely need to retain legal help to get the $30,000 in fines the Blaine Book Company owes the city, now that the company’s assets will be liquidated to pay off creditors..

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