Borderites are going to state finals

Published on Thu, Mar 7, 2002
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Borderites are going to state finals

The Trackima...To Yakima
This year will mark the Borderite boys’ 21st appearance at the state
basketball tournament.

The boys went to State six times as a 4A team (1929, ’38, ’39, ’40, ’52 and ’56), posting a 9-10 record; 11 times as a 1A team (1963, ’64, ’74, ’86, ’87, ’90, ’91, ’93, ’94, ’95 and ’97), going 24-17; and four times as a 2A team (1998, ’99, ’00 and ’01), finishing 11-3. Blaine boys total win-loss record at State up to 2001 is 44-30. Overall, the boys have 2 firsts, 2 seconds, 2 thirds, 1 fourths, 2 fifths, 2 sixths, 1 seventh and 1 eighth place finish.

The Borderites have a very balanced point-producing potential going into State. Neither their inside nor their outside shot-making is concentrated in any one player. There is no clear Mr. Inside or Mr. Outside. Inside prominence is shared by Crews (99 2-pointers) and Pike (98). Blaine’s duece duo is augmented by Mulholland (44), Gilmore (42), Williams (39), Anderson (31), Sanders (15) and Jon Freeman (10).

As for vim way outside the rim, Blaine’s 3-pointers have come from Anderson (26), Williams (22), Crews (18), Gilmore (17), Sanders (16) and Pike (10). With this array of long-range operatives, a team trey shooting percentage of 29.6 and the ability to rotate and refresh their perimeter power, the Borderites present the opposition with a long perimeter to guard.
The B’s D data shows Pike (122 defensive rebounds, 56 deflections, 51 steals), Crews (66 d-boards, 33 deflects, 29 steals) and Williams (51 deflects, 53 steals) as the defensive core.

Q-to-Q scoring analysis for the 2001-2002 season reveals Blaine as great starters, outscoring the opposition 342-262 in Q1. The B’s are a deuce short of being statistically equal to the opposition in Q2, being edged by a statistically insignificant 296-294. Q3 has been a slight plus for the B’s, 291-241. Q4 suggests Blaine, 373-311, and overtime, 28-16, is a fine finisher.

This year will mark the Lady Bs 7th appearance at the state basketball tournament.

The Lady Bs went to State three times as a 1A team (’93, ’96 and ’97), finishing with a 3-6 and three times as a 2A team (’93, ’96 and ’97), going 4-6. Blaine girls total win-loss record at State up to 2001 is 7-12. Overall, they have two eighth place finishes.

Borderites fortunes at State this year center on Blaine’s citizen on the inside, Summers. The 6-foot, sophomore post led the Lady Bs in 11 categories. 141 field goals, 50.2 field goal shooting percentage, 66 free throws, 348 total points, 16.6 ppg average, 38 steals, 16 blocked shots and 93 offensive, 141 defensive, 234 total rebounds and a 11.1 rebounds/game average.

Blaine’s other people of the paint include the two Rs – Riddle (36 offensive, 71 defensive, 107 total and 5.1 rebounds/game) and Robertson (48 offensive, 46 defensive, 94 total and 5.9 rebounds/game). Riddle, Robertson and defensive stalwart Linsey Taylor all average 5-plus ppg.
The Lady Bs perimeter point making relies on outside operatives Sticklin (20 treys, 34.5 shooting percentage) and Francis (12 trey, 25 percent shot success). Francis leads Blaine in assists (76) and is third in scoring (142 points, 6.8 ppg). Sticklin is second in assists (61) and second in points with 158 (9.3 ppg).

Blaine’s offense is augmented by a hindering, hampering and harassing defensive style that could serve the Lady Bs well at State.

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