Doing a good turn daily

Published on Thu, Dec 20, 2001
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Doing a good turn daily

Local cub scouts spent the fall selling popcorn and this month they sent the money where they thought it was most needed – to the Red Cross to help victims of the September 11 attacks and to the White House fund for Afghan Children.

“We heard on the television George Bush, the President, speaking and he said to give money to help children in Afghanistan but to send it to him first and he’d get it to them,” said nine-year-old Brady Foster. “While we’re going to get those bad guys, we’re bombing their houses, too. The money is to help them buy food and clothing.”

Foster, a Blaine elementary student and member of Cub Scout Pack 25, was one of 16 cubs who worked to raise $135 for charities. The money was split between the two charities.

“Two buildings crashed and they were very important buildings,” Foster said, explaining why he and fellow cubs had also decided to donate to the Red Cross. “Some firemen came to put out the fire and they died too. Now they need supplies and to get the rubble off the ground.”.

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