Honest home cooking at Kira’s

Published on Thu, Nov 8, 2001
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Honest home cooking at Kira’s

A café/ deli opened Tuesday in the Blaine International Center. Kira’s Grill offers a large selection of dishes with authentic Greek flavor. “We got lots of compliments at our restaurant in Everett and we wanted to move to a smaller, quieter place with very nice people,” said Sophia Kira, with her thick Romanian accent. She and her family own Kira’s Grill.

Specializing in Greek cuisine, Kira’s Grill offers authentic Shish-Kabobs, homemade ravioli with meat or potato for the vegetarians, and a healthy selection of salads, burgers and sandwiches. Kira promises to provide food and service that is the best in town.

“Our chef is famous,” Kira said about her husband Michael. “He specializes on the taste and freshness of meat.”

Kira’s Grill has become well known in their other locations, San Fernando, Seattle and Everett.

“Kira’s has the fragrances of a fine restaurant. The borscht is a terrific, soul-warming bowl of soup, topped with sour cream. They dispense excellent burgers on a par with the best in the city. The food is honest, carefully prepared and served with a sense of affection,” said John Hinterberger, Seattle Times, food critic.

Kira and her family moved from Yash, Romania to the United States 27 years ago to start their own business and have been in business for 25 years now. Gaining wide recognition at its original location in San Fernando California, Kira’s Grill guarantees its customers will walk away more than satisfied. “We want to show love to people through good food, small prices and generous portions,” Kira said. “Everything should be wonderful.”

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