Letters, resolutions, frame Blaine position on border, taxes

Published on Thu, Oct 11, 2001 by Meg Olson

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Letters, resolutions, frame Blaine position on border, taxes

By Meg Olson

The message from Blaine city council to local citizens and businesses is pull together, support each other and keep the pressure on legislators.

Two measures unanimously endorsed by council at their October 8 meeting were aimed at thawing the freeze in Blaine business since tight security measures at the border cut traffic into Blaine’s core by more than half.

The first was a letter to the Washington delegation to the United States Congress asking for help in “preventing our community from becoming a casualty of neglect in the greater effort to stop terrorism.” The letter specifically called for more staff at local borders, and more efficient use of existing staff. It encourages greater cooperation between border agencies and with Canadian authorities and promotes perimeter security for North America as a long-term solution to security concerns. Finally, it asks for PACE lanes to be reopened with more rigorous inspections to increase security.

City council also passed a resolution encouraging local citizens to shop at home. “It’s always the intent and desire of the city to support local business and, given what happened, it’s probably a good idea to remind ourselves,” said city manager Gary Tomsic.

In other council business a resolution opposing state initiative 747, which limits the property tax cities can levy to an annual growth of one percent, passed with six for it and Frank Bresnan Jr. abstaining. “It seems to remove the city’s control over taxation,” said Ken Ely. “The system we have now is representational and works fine.”.

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