Semiahmoo marina fined for sloppy reporting

Published on Thu, Aug 9, 2001 by Christine Callan

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Semiahmoo marina fined for sloppy reporting

By Christine Callan

The Semiahmoo Marina in Blaine was fined $2,000 for failing to monitor and report stormwater pollutant discharges. The marina failed to report findings multiple times according to a report from the Washington State Department of Ecology (DOE).

“I take full responsibility,” Bill Tetreault, marina manager said. Tetreault, new to the position as of October of ‘99, said that it was an oversight in the process of switching management.

The Semiahmoo marina tests for oil that generally comes from boat engines, copper from the bottom of painted boats and solids or dirt from runoff. These tests are taken four times a year in May, June, September and October. The samples are sent to an environmental lab in Bellingham for analysis.

“Our aim is not to pick on any one particular area and these standards are to be met throughout the state of Washington,” Curt Hart of the DOE said. Each county is required to comply with terms spelled out on the national pollutant discharge elimination system permit, he said. “It is a part of the federal clean water act and Whatcom County must meet state and federal water standards.”

The fine was paid for and Semiahmoo marina is complying with regulations. “I called to find out proper procedures and we are back in step with the program,” Tetreault said...

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