Evening of the Arts 2001

Published on Thu, Jun 21, 2001
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Evening of the Arts 2001

Blaine High School celebrated student accomplishments in visual arts, music and drama on the evening of May 30 at the Performing Arts Center. The event resembled a gala more than an awards ceremony, with a juried art show highlighted by senior displays, performances by the swing choir and jazz band and plenty of tasty refreshments.

Music Awards
Concert band class award – Jordan Riddle
Concert band, director’s award – Jordan Riddle
Outstanding soloist – Glen Bob Hamburg
Wind ensemble class award – Josh Smith
Wind ensemble, director’s award - Jon Stone
Jazz Band, class award – Josh Smith
Jazz Band, outstanding soloist – Josh Tvrdy, Josh Smith
Jazz Band, director’s award – Jesse Shumann
Special award – Jesse Shumann

Senior Displays
Haily Braumberger
Rebecca Brown
David Dempsey
Steve Furno
Sarah Gustafson
Kelsey Hamilton
Amanda Haslip
Randy Hoekema
Nicole Poole
Suzanne Trulock
Joe Voegele
Sarah Welter

Art Show Winners
1st place was Christina Jacobson – Graphite; 2nd place was Linda Poole – Emotion; 3rd place was Brendan Mulholland – Clutter.

1st place was Milagro Ayala – Childhood; 2nd place was Galina Ryzhkova – My Face; 3rd place was Rianna Earl – Acrylic.

1st place was Laura Pears – Raku; 2nd place was Diane Johnson – Dementia; 3rd place was Lisa Kent – Pottery.

1st place was Catherine van de Ven – Twisted Soul; 2nd place was Jessica Teng – Panic; 3rd place was Cory Crews – Environment.

1st place was Brandon Davolt – Wizard King; 2nd place was Elizabeth Marshall – Nature’s Scavenger; 3rd place was Rianna Earl – Sick of It All.

Mixed Media:
1st place was Amanda Stull – All Eyes on You; 2nd place was Robbie Burch and Stacy Reid – Do You Have Knick Knacks?; 3rd place was Linda Poole – Red.

Art Jurors
Rob Gischer - Painter
David Lloyd - Ceramics/Sculpture
Jimie Gregory - Painter


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