Sophomores helping seniors

Published on Thu, May 3, 2001
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Sophomores helping seniors

Thirty Blaine high school students are giving up their precious time to help out the elderly this weekend.

The idea began as part of a project Kim Cummings’ sophomore special wellness health class. A group of eight students, including Molly Menard, 15, “had to think of an idea that would help the community.” They came up with the idea of helping seniors with jobs they might not be able to do easily or not at all, Menard said.

Menard and her group then handed out a survey to gauge interest from the overall school community. They found 22 like-minded individuals who were willing to help out.

The students will be meeting up at the high school at 11 a.m. and will break up into three groups – two headed to mow lawns at elderly neighbors’ houses and another to wash the walls at a local home. If the students have any extra time they’ll help their principal, Dan Newell, move.

The students plan to do more volunteer clean-up days as needed.

The project itself will be graded on overall organization, the group’s writing journals and actual execution.

Anyone in need of help can contact Menard at 380-4127 or Eric Kramer at 371-0631.

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