Fifty years of service honored

Published on Thu, Apr 5, 2001
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Fifty years of service honored

Now approaching his 56th year of membership, Wilbur Clausen, now 89, finally received recognition for his first 50 years of service to the post during an informal ceremony at his Boblett Street home.

“We should have presented it at a formal banquet six years ago,” senior vice commander Frank Kelly said. “We had a big banquet, but we didn’t have the paperwork.” He said Clausen has served for 56 years and will get a 55-year pin soon.

Kelly said Clausen, an Army Air Corps ground radio operator from 1942 to 1945, left a big mark on the legion and the community in his two years as commander. “When he was commander the post donated over $70,000 to the community,” Kelly said. “That doesn’t count ongoing donations every month.”

Clauson, however, pointed out that the Legion continues to be an active force in the community, even without him at the helm. “There’s a lot of young guys that do a lot,” he said. “I’m not the only one.”

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