Lots of laughs at middle school play last weekend

Published on Thu, Mar 29, 2001 by K. Cunningham

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Lots of laughs at middle school play last weekend

By K. Cunningham

Last weekend middle school actors performed “Help! I’m Trapped In A High School,” a play written by Tim Kelley. This play had something in it for everyone, a corrupt principal, played by Matt Berry and a teacher, portrayed by Jack Freal, who had no idea where he was, what time it was or what he was supposed to be teaching. This play was sure to make you laugh at some point.

Public School Maximum Security, otherwise known as PSMS or Last Chance High School, was an alternative high school for students who were in trouble.

Three students, Lydia Davis, Rose Tinney and Ashlee Harbst, and two student teachers, played by Erica Giroux and Brittney Armstrong, were mistakenly transferred from one of the best schools in the valley to PSMS. The two student teachers wanted to leave, but they were afraid that if they left the condition of the school would worsen, if that was possible.

Haylee Nighbert played the part of a news reporter who caught the principal selling the school’s supplies to Bramwell Fishtank, otherwise known as Kevin Teng, on film. The school’s secretary, played by Sondra Vitaliz, also an undercover policewoman from the granny squad, pieced together the paper trail of missing school supplies.

Director Victoria Mallahan enjoyed directing this play better then the earlier rendition of “The Aliens Are Coming.” Both are two, fun plays to watch as well as act in. Mrs. Mallahan enjoyed getting the kids to be goofy on cue, which was a challenge: “They are so funny in class, but it was hard to get them to be goofy on cue.”

Most of the cast members enjoyed the break-out scene the best. This occurred when the students ran screaming down the aisles of the PAC and onto the stage. “The break-out scene was the funniest because it surprises the audience,” said seventh grader Brittney Armstrong. Others thought the high point of the play was dyeing their hair different colors.

This cast had a wide variety of acting experience from just a few months to some who have been acting for nine years. The rehearsal time for this play was cut back by three weeks and Mrs. Mallahan did an excellent job of putting together an exceptional cast to perform this play.

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