Something old for a new look

Published on Thu, Mar 15, 2001 by Soren Velice

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Something old for a new look

By Soren Velice

People looking to decorate their homes often look past old items in favor of the shiny new stuff.

For those looking for something else, however, Blaine has Ashley’s Attic. Started by Amy Lindeman and her mother, Mary Amsberry, the store is named after Lindeman’s daughter. She rents out about a quarter of her space to dealers, who pack the shelves tight with everything from beer mirrors to porcelain Buddhas to old toys.

“They just pick up a lot of different things,” Lindeman said. “Everybody collects different stuff.”

For those who collect or decorate with antique furniture, Lindeman said she hopes to open her basement on March 17 to sell lamps, coffee tables, dining sets and other larger items. The date is tentative, she said, because she is remodeling the basement herself.

Her advice for people decorating with antiques is straightforward. “I would say just start small,” she said. “Start with a piece of furniture and build around it instead of trying to fill your whole house.”

Unlike other antique dealers, Lindeman’s inventory is priced more by what she pays for it than what price guides say they’re worth. “If I get a good deal,” she said, “I’ll pass it on.”

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