Letters to the editor: November 21-26, 2013

Published on Wed, Nov 20, 2013
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The Editor:
To the generous young man on Halloween night: I wish to thank him and let him know how I enjoyed the tootsie roll.
Hope Ahn

The Editor:
Living across the street from the Adelia property, I’ve followed this saga with some interest. In your article, the house is referred to as a “burnt out hull.” What remains of the house was not the result of a fire. The story goes like this: Two or three young men bought the house about five or six years ago and gutted the interior down to the studs with the object of remodeling and flipping the house. The economy was not kind to them and my guess is that the house was repossessed or sold (being a nosy neighbor, I noticed legal papers tacked to the door). The young men left abruptly, leaving a junked car and other refuse in the yard. 
Next on the scene was a gentleman from Canada with whom I spoke several times. He had bought the house with the grand plan of having a dream home in America. Over several weekends around the summer of 2009 and with the support of several cases of beer (I can’t confirm if the brew was Canadian or American), he and his father and brother demolished what was left of the house, leaving the garage, and neatly stacking the salvaged lumber. When I last spoke to him at the end of that summer, he stated they’d be back the next summer to build a two-story house on the foundation. I never saw him again.
We definitely need some “infilling of housing” on this corner, or maybe another city park. Anything except another reminder of what the recent economy has done to our town.
Here’s a question: Don’t we have city ordinances about abandoned eyesores or dangerous property? If Blaine truly desires to grow and attract tourists and investment, it certainly should have such laws or enforce existing ones with more vigor.
Keith Lindsey

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