Letters to the editor: October 31 - November 6, 2013

Published on Wed, Oct 30, 2013
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The Editor:
The need is great. The need is now. Are the communities of Birch Bay, Blaine and Custer up for a challenge? Blaine Food Bank (BFB) has an incredible opportunity. If BFB raises $25,000 by December 20, a local resident has generously promised to match community donations up to this amount. Whether you are a business, a family or an individual, please help us reach this goal.
Businesses can challenge each other (Nature’s Path vs. Totally Chocolate anyone?); families can throw block parties to encourage friendly competition and children can dare friends to match their dollar. How many churches do Birch Bay, Blaine and Custer support? Turn to your neighbor and say, “I’ll donate a dollar if you will too.”
Have you ever gone to sleep hungry because you had no food? Are you a parent who goes without to provide more for your children? Are you a child who goes to school without a breakfast? If so, please tell your friends exactly how important it is to receive milk, eggs and bread from the BFB. Encourage community giving by sharing what being able to rely on the BFB means to you and your family.
Please believe me. Blaine Food Bank needs financial help. Our agency is suffering the same economic setback as the rest of our country. Our lines are longer and government support has been cut in half. BFB now serves close to 100 more families a week than this time last year. Times are tough, yes. However, with help from our local businesses, churches and community, BFB will continue to provide help to those residents who are most vulnerable.
So the challenge is issued: Will Birch Bay, Blaine and Custer businesses, local churches and residents step up? Will you help Blaine Food Bank reach our goal of $25,000 by December 20? Starting October 31, BFB will display a thermometer showing our donors how we are progressing (from a low simmer to a full boil) as we try to reach our $25,000 goal.
Thank you,
Jerry Bladies
Blaine Food Bank

The Editor:
Congratulations to The Northern Light for winning nine awards in statewide competition. They are well deserved.
Jennifer Plombon

The Editor:
Enough of the crocodile tears!
It is claimed by many that “everyone” is so upset that 40–45 million Americans who haven’t had decent health coverage during most of their lifetimes are having trouble enrolling in a program that will give them some hope someday soon.
My observation is that these concerned critics don’t want the disadvantaged and working poor to have something they take for granted – healthcare. They have been opposed to any attempt at universal coverage in the past and can be counted on to do so in the future.
I haven’t heard of any previously uninsurable person complaining about the Affordable Care Act website. Nor has there been a parade of the working poor griping about computer glitches. They realize that for the first time in American history they too have a shot at decent healthcare. Why shouldn’t they be hopeful?
I suggest that what is really broken is our sense of community as a nation – our compassion for one another. I regret to say that will be a harder fix than any computer system.
Wayne Weinschenk

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