Letters: May 9 - 15, 2013

Published on Wed, May 8, 2013
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The Editor:
On behalf of the Blaine Taiji Academy and Powered by Qi, I would like to thank all of those who joined us on Saturday, April 27 for the first Birch Bay World Tai Chi and Qigong Day. Some of you came with the intention of healing the world, some came to try something new, and some because your wife asked you to. Whatever the reason, thank you for being there. Your presence made a difference!
Thanks to The Northern Light for printing the article about our event and to NW Parks and Recreation District 2 for co-hosting. Finally, let me give a big thanks to our volunteers. It couldn’t have happened without you!
May all of you enjoy the best of health, and remember that wellness, like anything worth doing, takes daily practice.
I look forward to seeing you next year for WTCQD 2014!
Kelly Hong-Williams

The Editor:
In February our nonprofit association, the United States Canada Peace Anniversary Association (USCPAA), received a form letter notice in our mailbox at the Blaine post office regarding our PO box. This letter notified us that our box number was being eliminated due to modifications at the facility that were being made to enhance operations and improve customer service.
Our PO box number 4564 had been a part of our association’s identity for more than 18 years. Since the change of box numbers is inconvenient as recognized by the Blaine postmaster’s notification, it gives rise to some questions, which the postmaster did not address. In response, we wrote the postmaster about our concerns and asked if there was some other alternative.
Our letter noted that since our founding in 1995, all of the association’s records, business cards, brochures, flyers and website have listed this address. As a nonprofit association we have conducted ongoing activities such as fundraising, grant applications, calls for art, sponsorship, tourist information and annual events. Over the years it has been well promoted on peacearchpark.org in numerous active downloads of our sculpture exhibit and tourism brochures and other publications that we have utilized over the years.
We explained there would be significant expenses to re-print promotional materials (rebranding) and notifying all of the numerous contacts we have developed over the years. We asked if we are solely to bear the out of pocket expenses involved this in addition to the loss of a part of our business identity?
The postmaster did not respond to any of our letter’s questions or concerns. The actions of the postmaster have put an unnecessary hardship and unexpected expenses on our organization. This plus all the volunteer time it will take to notify all our contacts and update our numerous promotional materials.
All this as the postmaster works to enhance operations and improve customer service at the Blaine post office. Perhaps we are not the only entity thus impacted financially and otherwise.
Christina Alexander
United States Canada Peace
Anniversary Association (USCPAA) Board

The Editor:
Reflecting on a recent op ed article by state senator Doug Ericksen and his defense of big oil tax loopholes, I am reminded that BP and Conoco contribute substantially to his campaign fund. However, it is we the people who elect him to represent our interests. We in Whatcom County have paid the highest cost per gallon for gasoline on the west coast of the U.S. Let us keep in mind BP has profits of more than 20 billion dollars a year. Billions!
Let us also think about their new rail spur that brings tar sands oil to Cherry Point. At a time when we need to reduce the manufacture of air and water pollutants, BP is increasing the output. Closing the tax loophole will not cause the refinery to close and increased production will likely create new jobs.
We cannot maintain a first class education and highway system without a reliable tax base. Big corporations pay big money to avoid taxes. Our property and sales taxes pay Ericksen and the other legislators to represent us. Are we getting our money’s worth, or are BP and Conoco getting their money’s worth?
Alice Brown

The Editor:
The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Flotilla 19 in Blaine strongly supports the wearing of life jackets for all ages as families take to the water for their summer adventures on boats, paddle craft, PWCs, windsurfers, and other watercraft.
There are many other tips for safe boating that can be learned by taking a boating safety course such as Confidence in Boating (for women taught by women) and About Boating Safely. These courses include practice with various lifejackets (what happens when you pull on that cord?), steps for rescuing a person overboard, practice using the marine radio and calling for help, knowing how to tell where you are (GPS), tying knots and throwing dock lines so you don’t have to jump off the boat to tie up.
The Coast Guard Auxiliary also provides free vessel safety checks for boats and paddle craft to ensure you have the required safety equipment on board. For more information, contact Flotilla 19’s flotilla commander, Kathryn Wellington, and visit our website at http://a1300109.wow.uscgaux.info/ or the national website, cgaux.org.
Kathryn Wellington
Flotilla Commander, Flotilla 19, Blaine

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