Letters to the Editor: June 21 - June 27, 2012

Published on Wed, Jun 20, 2012
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The Editor:

Thank you very much for including the comprehensive biographical review of Richard Clark’s life in the June 14 edition of The Northern Light. It was my privilege to know Richard and to work with him in pursuit of world peace and non-violence.
Although I worked with him, I wasn’t aware of the extensive, often complex, facets of his life history as Jack Kintner described it in interesting detail in the article.
I am carrying forth Richard’s pursuit of peace by developing a plan to create a curriculum that can be used to instruct students all around the globe to become peace activists on a voluntary or professional occupation basis.
Thank you again for honoring Richard’s life in such a stimulating way.

Guy Hughes

The Editor:

We have lived in Whatcom County for more than 40 years. My husband spent his working years in the Bellingham School District and I worked at the local Head Start program, witnessing each day the struggles our residents face while trying to provide for their families. We support the Gateway Pacific Terminal because of the opportunities it will bring to our residents who need it most.
Many of our unemployed and underemployed residents have faced great odds trying to rejoin the workforce after the recent economic collapse. We believe that since the coal trains have been traveling through and will continue to travel through our county regardless of whether Gateway is built or not, don’t we owe it to our fellow residents to give them a shot at getting back on their feet, rather than just watch as trains pass with no benefit to our county?
Technology has come a long way since terminals such as Westshore were built. We are confident that Gateway Pacific Terminal will meet the operating standards set to them, and that the health and safety of our community will not be diminished, but rather improved, as struggling residents can again provide for their families.

Judith and Ross Peck

The Editor:

Whatcom County has the opportunity to see development of the Cherry Point area and create living wage jobs at the same time. The arguments for and against are talked about every day. Opponents seem to have all the answers and reduce the subject down to coal trains. It is so much more than one product. If the SSA Marine port is built, many different commodities are possible.
Right now the economy is stalled and the idea of putting thousands of local construction workers to work sounds great. There would be hundreds of full time jobs to operate the port. These sound like win/win opportunities to me. Before we make up our minds if this is really a good or bad project, let’s go through the process and hear what the EIS study determines. I do not want anything that is not good for our area, but I do want to see our local citizens get back to work.
Let the process proceed.

Jim Groves

The Editor:

Save the Democrats! Recently, Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker won a union-led recall election by an even wider margin than he originally got in 2008, and he did it with the help of 38 percent of union households who crossed over and voted for him.
Since he freed government union workers from being forced to join the union and have dues automatically deducted from their paychecks and used to elect Democrats, more than 54 percent of them voted with their feet and quit the union! Since similar reforms were enacted in Indiana over 90 percent of workers quit the union! In our state over 82 percent of union teachers now refuse to contribute dues to Democrats.
This entire system of coercively extorting contributions for Democrats is about to be outlawed across the country! Hundreds of millions in Democrat campaign cash, lost!
And then there’s Acorn. Multiple millions a year in federal taxpayer money to register illegals, I mean new voters, eliminated by congress just because they were caught on tape helping to set up an underage Brazilian prostitution ring. Now even the money laundering through bogus green energy “stimulus” companies is being threatened.
Look, the Democrats can’t be expected to rely on financial support from regular Americans, who grow increasingly wary of them, and the Marxist Hollywood millionaires and George Soros-type, godless, guilt-ridden billionaires can only fund a fraction of the necessary Democrat advertising. They simply cannot survive without forced “contributions.”
So here is what I propose: Let the Democrats tax all forms of welfare at 10 percent and use it to fund their campaigns. Food stamps, corporate welfare, bank bailouts, the whole mess. After all, isn’t it about time the takers “gave something back to society,” by tithing to the welfare drug pushers who entitled them? Save the Democrats! Let them tax welfare.

Wylin Tjoelker

The Editor:

The Bellingham Herald recently featured an article concerning the department of ecology’s attempt to address fecal coliform contamination in our local shellfish habitat. Certain contributing factors were not mentioned.
For decades, the city of Victoria has been discharging millions of gallons of raw sewage daily into the Strait of Juan de Fuca, which is fed into Puget Sound via currents and tidal effect. While that city is reportedly making an effort to rectify this practice, untreated discharges continue.
And, with particular regard to Drayton Harbor, the silence is deafening regarding our large colony of harbor seals that continuously defecate in this confined area, while decimating fall runs of salmon attempting to migrate up Dakota and California creeks.
I rather doubt that fecal contamination in this area is limited to septic systems, livestock, pets and human waste from boats, as the department of ecology suggests.

Patrick J. Guimond

The Editor:

The Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce president needs to resign or be replaced. He is doing a disservice to Birch Bay business owners and residents of our community.
Living in Bellingham, he apparently doesn’t read your newspaper.
The major problem is his failure to insist that the chamber be directly involved in the determination of how much of the $153,000 in tourism funds from the county that will be spent to promote tourism in Birch Bay to the benefit of our business owners. He took no steps to ensure that our chamber be properly included as an organizer, not just a volunteer. The Mt. Baker Foot-hills Chamber of Commerce will manage these funds with no direct input from our chamber.
Knowing Kathy Berg, I know she will do her best in the absence of our chamber in an organization role.
He told the board of directors last year that the chamber’s primary goal is to secure permanent restrooms for Birch Bay. He has done nothing to accomplish this goal. In January, I wrote to council member Barbara Brenner, who replied immediately and put me in contact with appropriate county staff who are currently working on obtaining funding for this program.
If I was a local businessperson, I would be very unhappy with the current chamber president.
I suggest at a monthly meeting you ask him to explain his actions or rather his inactions. You would be better served having a chamber president who stays connected with our community. His term of office expires this year.
When I asked him about getting involved in starting the incorporation process, he refused. Of course, living in Bellingham, he has no vested interest in our community.
Since he did not poll the other directors, I told him the chamber needs to be involved and he agreed that the chamber could act as a facilitator to get the incorporation issue moving.
He has done nothing in this regard either.
The chamber needs a president who really cares about Birch Bay, not just interested in the prestige of being chamber president.

Mickey Masdeo

Birch Bay


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