Letters to the Editor: March 1 - March 7, 2012

Published on Wed, Feb 29, 2012
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The Editor:

Thank you to the woman in the minivan who came back to help me with two loose dogs on D Street Monday! I had my hands full with my own two, and she was a lifesaver. Our combined efforts saw the loose pups returned to their owners.

Elizabeth Lang

The Editor:

Donna Starr hit the “fuel shortage” bulls-eye in last week’s The Northern Light letter to the editor.
We have a farm, and the cost of alfalfa, quality hay, and grain has skyrocketed, along with the cost of fuel. No, not from making bio-fuels, but because we ship the best of our grains and hays to India, China and elsewhere, along with our coal, liquid fuels and jobs. There are no laws in a capitalist economy that make American companies, which harvest American raw materials from American soil, sell to Americans, especially if someone else will pay more money for it. In fact, at this moment we are exporting over 1,000,000 barrels a day of our oil products to preferred customers (they pay more than you do) overseas. You can’t blame the companies, as they are doing the best job they can for themselves and their stockholders. Point the finger of blame at ourselves for letting them get away with it in the name of making jobs. Which, by the way, wouldn’t be in such short supply if these same companies hadn’t outsourced most of the best jobs offshore.
The next time a politician says we need to drill more wells offshore, or increase our refining capacity, tell them NO! At least not until the fuel companies keep enough fuel home to take care of our own people at a fair price, and not until our politicians can pass the laws necessary to make sure we take care of our own people before we take care of anyone else. When our domestic markets are well taken care of, what is left is what we should sell on the world market. My view is not about capitalism, socialism, Democrat or Republican. It’s just good common sense to take care of your own family before giving away everything you have to take care of someone else’s family ... and that includes jobs.
You see, it’s not the oil companies’ job to keep us supplied with fairly priced fuels. That’s our job and the people we elect into offices to manage our great nation’s resources for all the people.

Ron Snyder

The Editor:

Please consider the following correction/comment regarding Donna Starr’s letter to the editor regarding oil/petroleum.
The Keystone pipeline does not involve China purchasing Canadian oil. The pipeline will only provide oil to refineries in the southern Gulf states, to ensure a more stable
supply in event of hurricanes and political disruption of the oil supply currently coming from Venezuela, because their dictator invites Russian military, especially its navy for friendly “exercises” in Caribbean waters.
Canadian oil to China will flow from the oil fields in Alberta, Canada, by pipeline through to the port of Kitimat, B.C., 1,000 miles north of Washington state. Increased national security, lesser loss of lives and reduced Pentagon budgets will only occur if the U.S. reduces its dependency on oil from the Middle East. Canada now has the largest proven, recoverable oil and gas reserves in the world, just one hour by jet from Washington state. Bring home the troops, redeploy them to Canada with their families, swap their M-16s for shotguns and fishing rods, and it’s a winner for all.

Jay James
Birch Bay

The Editor:

On behalf of the Blaine school district board of directors, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the voters of Blaine, Birch Bay and Point Roberts for their recent support of both the four-year maintenance and operations levy and the capital improvements bond.
Our collective communities have much to be proud of specific to the quality education of students at all levels of the system. We are fortunate to have such an experienced and dedicated teaching staff, and are also privileged to have in place a very highly skilled support staff.
Over the past four years, as resources from the state of Washington have continued to decline at an unprecedented pace, we have worked hard to sustain quality programs for students. In many cases, these are programs that other districts have had to reduce or cut completely. Our success with maintaining essential programs for students has been highly dependent upon the generosity of our patrons, and even more specifically upon those who approve these key initiatives, and then pay the taxes to make it all happen.
Your continued support is appreciated by so very many, and is indeed making a difference for students and their learning.

Ron Spanjer
Superintendent, Blaine school district

The Editor:

Hey Borderites young and old!
Are you a great singer or musician? Do you juggle pretty well? Do you have the hottest new rock band or dance group? Are you a magician, comedian or a virtuoso on the nose flute or kazoo? Do you and/or your friends have a talent that you’d like to show off?
The 3rd Annual 2012 Pizza and Pizzazz Talent Show is looking for your entertainment!  The Pizza and Pizzazz Talent Show will be held on Saturday, March 10, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m., serving up the best in talent and all-you-can-eat pizza, including the best dessert pizza on the face of the earth!
The cost is $10 for adults and $5 for students. We’re hoping to have acts that are five to ten minutes long, showcasing the most talented and interesting individuals that the Blaine Community and Whatcom County have to offer!
Applications are in the Blaine elementary, middle and high school offices and the choir room.  They can be turned into the office or to Mr. Harmening in the choir room.
The first auditions are Thursday, March 1, and Friday, March 2, and the last auditions are Monday, March 5, and Tuesday, March 6. Auditions will start at 3:00 p.m. and end at 4:30 p.m. If you need a different time please contact Mr. Harmening by email.
If you have any questions please see senior Chris Poole or Mr. Harmening in the choir room, email him at aharmening@blainesd.org or call 360/332-8226 and leave a message.

Andy Harmening



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