Letters to the Editor: December 8 - December 14, 2011

Published on Thu, Dec 8, 2011
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The Editor:

Pearl Harbor
Now seventy years
Since that fateful dawn,
many of us are dead
and gone.
Our crosses lie
in ordered rows
Some with names
that no one knows.
We gave our lives
that you be free,
so stop awhile
and think of me.
For now we lie
in ordered rows,
filled with names
that no one knows.

George G. Tranberg

The Editor:

Recently, Free Church Unitarian had Gail Tierney from Brigid Collins Family Support Center in Bellingham speak to members and guests on the topic of educating adults to recognize child sexual abuse and how to react responsibly to the knowledge of that abuse. Tierney was praised for her message, and many folks plan to take her class in January at Free Church Unitarian.  
Her message comes at an opportune time now we have heard of the child rape allegations from Penn State. If not familiar with the story, Google Sandusky grand jury. Some of the people in power witnessed boys being raped and molested but no one called 911.
I encourage everyone to visit www.brigid
collins.org or call 360/734-4616 to learn how to recognize child sexual abuse and how to react responsibly when you see it.  Brigid Collins also speaks to Hispanic audiences.

Linda Pratt

The Editor:

My name is Lachlann Rattray. I live in Glasgow, Scotland.
I am writing because I am conducting research for a radio story that I am producing about the time that 400 to 500 Canadian anti-war protesters invaded the United States at Blaine. They were protesting the Vietnam War.
I was wondering if you knew about this story or if you could put me in touch with anyone who might know. I am looking to try and gather some interviews with people who may have witnessed this.
I would really appreciate any help you can give me.

Best regards,
Lachlann Rattray
Glasgow, Scotland
Ed. note: If you have any information on this matter, contact The Northern Light at info@thenorthernlight.com.

The Editor:

Thank you for such a great article and schedule for Holiday Harbor Lights in The Northern Light.  I so appreciate all you did to verify the schedule for the day and include so much information about the event.
I am proud to have The Northern Light as our community newspaper!

Debbie Harger

The Editor:

After reading the article titled “City of Blaine to pay for migratory bird study,” I am left with several questions.
Paying a bird specialist $20,340 to do four days of work is a massive amount of money. For example, at my pay rate Wilson Engineering could hire 40 people to work 10 hours a day for all four days! Secondly, if after two days the bird specialist has already indicated that “it doesn’t look like the area’s birds care much about the kind of construction Wilson Engineering is doing,” then is it possible to save $10,000 and tell the bird specialist his job is done?
I realize that these comments may be made in ignorance, but for that reason I highly encourage The Northern Light to write a follow-up on this issue.
What law or code is causing Wilson Engineering to hire a bird biologist in the first place? Furthermore, though it is good that the cost of study is less than the cost of delaying construction until April, that doesn’t justify its $20,340 price point. What is it about the study that makes it so expensive?
Any person who specializes in birds should already be familiar with their migration patterns, so it would seem that few other people would be needed to determine what might affect migration once Wilson Engineering’s intentions were laid bare to the specialist. But if we are only paying one or two people, then the cost seems incredibly high for four days of work.  
So what’s really going on under all the layers here? This is our tax money after all.

Darrin Matter
Birch Bay

The Editor:

I am Angie George, public relations person for the Blaine Elementary, and we would like to publicly thank everyone for contributing to our food drive. As a school we were able to collect 7,076 pounds of food! We would especially like to thank Nature’s Path for donating a whole pallet of food. Thanks!

Angie George



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