Letters to the Editor: August 25 - August 31, 2011

Published on Wed, Aug 24, 2011
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The Editor:

I love our new H Street, B Street and First and Second streets. But hopefully, I am not the only one with a few questions.
1. 7-0 vote by our council. Mr. Robinson at least had some questions. We just had these same cost overruns on our last project, and they seem like things that could and should have been corrected.
Who is responsible?
7-0 vote. Please, council, these are tough times.
2. A bid. Why do they even have one? At what point must a contractor eat these overruns? It was their bid. To the tune of $137,000, $180,000 for flagging.
And weather? I thought they split the project on H Street to miss the bad weather.
Who is responsible?
3. I do not need to tell everyone these are tough times. But a city public works director who says, “After all of the money is forgotten, you will still have a good product” has not had to decide whether to feed his family or pay his utility bill.
Who is responsible?
Someone needs to question and fight for our every dollar, council.

Sandy Dollar

The Editor:

OK, so now the unneeded H Street hill construction is done and we taxpayers have to pay yet more.
In all the five years my husband and I have lived up here, we have never once been held up by traffic on H Street. It is not a busy street.
The construction held us up over and over, even when my husband needed to hurry to the hospital once. They wouldn’t get a bulldozer to hold up a minute while we scooted through.
We need a railroad overpass! Several thousand residents live out at Birch Bay and Semiahmoo and are daily held up by trains.

Donna K. Robbins



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