Letters to the Editor - July 7 - July 13, 2011

Published on Thu, Jul 7, 2011
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Beautiful downtown Blaine hosted the most fabulous Fourth of July ever, yet again! Kudos to Debbie Harger and crew for lining up the grand parade, Cheryl Fischer and gang for a super car show, our dedicated public works and police departments, Pacific Building Center for setting up the tremendous fireworks show and the many other volunteers who showed up just to help out.
Thanks also to my helpers Bob Hines, Jim Agnello and Leroy Dougall – and especially all the citizens of Blaine who show their support year after year. Our sponsors this year were the city of Blaine, The Northern Light, Semiahmoo Resort, Port Of Bellingham, Bellingham Alive, Pacific Building Center and Semiahmoo Yacht Club. Thanks, folks!

Carrol Solomon
Blaine Visitor Center


As a proud citizen of Blaine, I was pleased to dedicate three recent evenings to attending the public meetings hosted by Blaine’s Planning Department. I am confused as to the direction of the meetings and would like to share my concerns.
It is difficult to understand the benefit of having a public meeting to discuss growth plans for Blaine’s downtown core and adjacent neighborhoods, when the agenda seemed to be preset to achieve a predictable outcome.  When it came to table talk, the various map designations were somewhat confusing.  
Many of the most vocal voices that were heard were those of outsiders who do not live in Blaine. One being Ms. K. Hill from Salt Lake City, who has no vested interest in the community other than the hope of capitalizing on the rare beauty our city has to offer.  The meetings were moderated in a way that local citizen input was not fully heard and it appeared that the neighborhood people didn’t have a voice at the meeting in city hall last Tuesday night.
It is important to make it very clear: I am not against growth.  Without growth communities rapidly decline and decay sets in quickly.  
On the other hand, a course of action this significant can not be forced.  I can agree that possibly some baby steps were taken during the above mentioned process, however, there is a lot more work to be done.  
Moving forward, we must be vigilant to protect the heart of this city and the treasure it is. What we all hope to see is responsible use of the amazing vistas, the waterfront, habitat, wildlife, the beauty of the sunsets, the briskness of the breezes and the revitalizing smells of the bay that we enjoy everyday.  
We do not want to lose these benefits of living here by allowing or pushing for rapid infilling of our downtown district with transient residents.  
There are a lot more questions to be asked and many more answers than the ones that were solicited last night. Beautiful Blaine is worth fighting for, and I for one am up for taking a stand on this issue.

Most sincerely,
Carolyn D. Anderson


We would like to thank our friends from Crystal Tricycle, Marilee Hill of the Pastime Tavern, the community of Blaine, friends, family, and strangers who happened by and stayed, for the love and support shown to our daughter, Heather Earl, on June 24. The fundraiser held that night to help Heather fight her brain cancer was full of fun and memories for young and not so young.
Although distance prevented us from attending, we recieved many phone calls throughout the night and the next day telling us how well the evening was going for everyone. We are humbled by the generosity of the entire community where Heather grew up and still calls home.
Thank you to Steve Sanders for volunteering the band's time, Marilee Hill for providing a treasured venue to hold the event, to the many businesses and friends who donated items for the raffle, and special and loving thank you to Debbie Earl, Heather's other mom, for working so hard to put it all together. Catilin, Nat, Amy, Daniel, Rianna and numerous others also put in their time and support during the event to help make the evening go smoothly.
Heather has completed her radiation treatments and is now in a waiting period before she has the next MRI to determine what the next move is. With luck and love the tumor will have stopped growing and she can move on to the work of making it disappear.

Thank you from all of us,
The Earl family


I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all my wonderful customers who supported me at Birch Bay Hair Care. You welcomed me with open arms, in return I hope I gave back enough to the community. Do visit Pat and I in the shadow of Mt. Shasta in McCloud, California.
When I flew to California to take care of my mother last November, I knew my time was limited in Birch Bay.
My mother swam in the ocean to retrive me from a rogue wave, rushed me to the emergency  room when I poisoned myself with a toadstool, jumped across a creek when I got to close to a rattlesnake and saved me from my grandfather’s rooster’s attacks.
There are too many close calls of danger I was saved from to mention, but I have a good mother and every day from here on out that I am with her is Mother’s Day.

Thank you,                                                                    
Susan Brush
McCloud, California


One year ago I purchased Sunset Beauty Supply for no other reasons than to save my friend of more than 40 years’ job and to continue to have a venue for the ladies with a medical need to have a local outlet to purchase quality, fashion wigs.
Little did I know what joy this little shop in the Sunset Square Mall would bring to my life! I have learned so much and met such terrific people as we have expanded into fashion accessories and other new products. Everyone has given me such support and I would like to thank them all.
First, Gloria Hardan of Brown’s Bellingham Beauty and Barber for her desire to see her last retail outlet remain open to the public. To Vicky, Karen and Patricia for remaining the wonderful, compassionate, professional employees that they are. Their patience for this novice in the retail business has been an encouragement every step of the way as we made changes and added new responsibilities to their busy days.
Thank you Jaimie (Ms. B, Hooping Allure) and Lisa as you joined our staff as part-timers to serve our ever-growing clientele. To my sister-in-law Kim who is the best support person anyone could have. She is proficient in so many ways from Facebook, to photo editor, to sign designer, to mother of Katy (our model and photographer extraordinaire!)
I need to also thank those who mentored and held my hand through my first gift show market (Marcia from Fairhaven Pharmacy); my website (Eddie, Terry and Kent from Local Aware); and of course Molly (from The Northern Light) for their patience and skill.
And yes, my loving husband Dave who supported this mid-life whim of mine. He along with all of these local professional folks have worked hard to keep this small business successful and running smoothly… I couldn’t have done it without them!
And lastly, as any small business person knows, we cannot survive without the loyal support of our wonderful customers. It has been delightful to meet and serve your beauty needs this past year. We hope to continue to do so for many years to come!

Karen Bellingar



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