Letters to the Editor - June 16-22, 2011

Published on Thu, Jun 16, 2011
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The Editor:

I would like to offer a correction to an otherwise good news article that was in last week’s The Northern Light paper about how the Plover ferry helped a group of students and their chaperones by transiting them from the schooner Adventuress to the Blaine Harbor Marina.
Further, it mentions that I am the captain of the Plover, but this is not so. Captain Samuel Clemens is the Plover captain and a very good captain at that. On that day I was acting as a crew member and Sam was the skipper of the Plover – perhaps that is where the confusion lies.
I hold a current Merchant Marine Masters License and the Plover has been my “baby” for 23 years, but I am not her current captain; but rather the founding director of Drayton Harbor Maritime, a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt charitable organization that is responsible for saving the historic Plover ferry and bringing her back to service plying the waters of Drayton Harbor.
DHM is also in charge of her care and operation.

Fair winds,
Captain Richard C Sturgill
Director, Drayton Harbor Maritime

The Editor:

I write in response to the “shock” that one writer shares in relation to the uncomfortable truths spoken on the floor of the Washington State House of Representatives regarding SB 5912, the family planning bill.
The writer blasts representative Overstreet for “over-the-top rhetoric” while misnaming the person who is being spoken of? It is Margaret Sanger, not Singer as was corrected by the Herald staff.
Her role in the eugenics movement through the organization she founded, “The American Birth Control League,” is undeniable. This organization’s publication “The Birth Control Review” routinely published articles by heralded eugenics supporters. In 1942 the American Birth Control League became, you guessed it, what we now call Planned Parenthood.
The story continues. Please study history before claiming hyperbole. Truth is a funny thing ... in the end, there it is.

Luanne Van Werven

The Editor:

Recently announced was the proposed building of a 54-million-ton capacity coal terminal at Cherry Point. On the surface, that sounds good.
However, all  coal terminals throughout the world have shown major environmental problems: mercury and lead pollution, airborne coal dust pollution, lung ailments, black tide caused by coal dust, diesel particulate on the water, crustaceans on hundreds of coal ships from around the world, dumping of potentially hazardous ballast and bilge water, coal ships running aground resulting in catastrophic spills, airborne diesel particulate from ships, locomotives and trucks, stagnant seashore flow due to current impeded by terminal causeways, beach erosion and stormwater runoff.
Other concerns are: increased waits at rail crossings caused by an additional  nine to 12, 125-car, 150,000-ton trains per day, causing longer emergency response times, coal train-caused deaths, coal fires, fishing and crabbing impacts, greenhouse gas emissions, increased water requirements to wet down coal, negative public access impact and massive coal loading machinery noise.
The terminal will provide jobs, however, all terminal EIS statements indicate terminal construction and permanent staffing levels were significantly lower than those being touted by SSA Marine. A few hundred additional jobs should not jeopardize our way of life. The proposed 80-acre two-story-high coal dump will be located six miles upwind from Semiahmoo.

Larry Blanchard

The Editor:

Does everyone love our Old Fashioned Fourth of July Fireworks show? The Blaine Chamber of Commerce and Blaine Cost Cutter are providing an opportunity for customers at the market to help the show be better than ever this year. Please make a donation of $1 or more at the check out now through July 1, and all proceeds will go toward the big blast over the harbor. The chamber has also set up donation jars at the following businesses: Pacific Building Center, Paso del Norte, Big Al’s, Blaine Bouquets, Blaine Liquor Outlet and the Pizza Factory. Thank you all for your support.

Bob Boule, president
Blaine Chamber of Commerce

The Editor:

Events are big in our small town.  One of the reasons is because the City receives hotel motel tax provided by lodging within the city, and a portion of these funds are allocated to provide grants for festivals and events that encourage overnight lodging and tourism in Blaine. The Blaine Tourism Advisory Committee (BTAC) wants to encourage new applicants for festivals and events that will take place in 2012. BTAC reviews the grant applications and makes recommendations to city council for the grant awards. The festival or event must take place within the city of Blaine and will increase economic activity through overnight lodging and tourism related expenses. Grant applications are due to Blaine city hall by August 1. More information on the grant process and the grant application is available on the city’s website: www.cityofblaine.com or contact Debbie Harger at city hall at 360/543-9982.

Harry Robinson, chair
Blaine Tourism Advisory

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