Letters to the Editor - December 2-8, 2010

Published on Wed, Dec 1, 2010
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The Editor:
I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank all of the people that helped with our annual Blaine Giving Tree fundraising dance. It was held November 20 at the Pastime Bar. This is really our only fundraiser. Even though Mother Nature was working against us and dumped snow and ice on us, we still had a good turn out and a great time.
Crystal Tricycle actually called us this year to see what day we were going to hold the dance. You guys are awesome, and the music is just so much fun to dance to. We love you!
The staff at Pastime was really helpful with setting up and taking down as well as being a real joy to work with. Thank you to Billy, Christie, Kelli and Beau. Marylee-it’s always a pleasure to work with you.
Finally to the folks who braved the weather and gave so generously to purchase dessert and 50/50 raffle tickets, you are what this community is all about. Thank you!
Laurie Hart
Good Samaritan Society-Stafholt

The Editor:
The 2010 CAP Thanksgiving Basket project was a tremendous success. It all wouldn’t have happened without the awesome support of this wonderful community. We are grateful for the many individuals and businesses that gave generous financial support. As a result, 213 families received the makings for Thanksgiving dinner, the most we have ever provided.
Special thanks for extraordinary levels of support is due to so many I can’t name them all in the space available. But you know who you are, and I know what you did. Sincere thanks to Edaleen’s Dairy who gave 200 gallons of milk, Northwest Dairy Association who gave 200 pounds of Darigold butter, to Bedlington Potato Warehouse who gave 1,000 pounds of potatoes and to Hill’s Chevron for temporary cold storage.
We thank the seven businesses that became fund collection centers and express our deep appreciation to all of you for your continuing support!
Next, thanks to the folks from our community who gave us 346 pies, enough for many of the families to have more than one. Christ Episcopal Church was the winner of the church pie contest bringing 80 pies!
It wouldn’t have happened without the great support of Jim VanRijswijck, manager at Cost Cutter, who was extremely helpful in all aspects of supplying the groceries. Thanks also to the Phillips Edison and Company, owner of the Blaine International Shopping Center, for the use of the distribution site again this year.
We are also much indebted to Mike Nelson and the firefighters for hanging the banner, transporting the turkeys and 200 gallons of milk, returning the milk crates to Lynden and taking the heavy baskets of food to the waiting needy families.
And last, thanks to the hard working members of the team. It was after 7 p.m. on Thanksgiving eve before they finished. Without these people, it would have been a disaster.
Because of your giving hearts and helping hands, 213 families, nearly 1,000 children and adults, had a Thanksgiving to remember!
Brent Brentnall, director
The Community Assistance Program

The Editor:
Monday, November 8, I participated in Blaine high school’s Youth in Government Day. I would like to thank all the council members and city staff members for a great and educational day but frankly, that’s not why I’m writing this letter. This has to do specifically with the ranting of Sandra Kisska.
During the council meeting that night, Ms. Kisska stood to address the council. Ms. Kisska stated, in a letter written to The Northern Light, November 18 issue, that she “laid them on the carpet,” referring to the council members.
Well, what she did was far from that. She started talking as if she knew something and then she made many unfounded statements and baseless accusations backed by little or no evidence.
She was very agitated about the cuts to the Blaine Boys and Girls Club and the Blaine Senior Center. She made a big deal about the expenses of the recent roundabouts and the new section of Boblett Road but she forgot to mention many important points.
First, the roundabouts and the Boblett Road extension didn’t cost this city anything. The Boblett Road extension was paid for with federal government money and the roundabouts were paid for with state government money. Neither took from the funds available for the senior center and the Boys and Girls Club.
Also, I would like to point out that the senior center got a 17 percent cut in the money it received from the city, the Boys and Girls Club got a 14 percent cut and the city streets got a 19 percent cut. Furthermore, the city streets get all their money from the city, whereas the senior center and Boys and Girls Club both receive private donations. If Ms. Kisska researched these issues instead of finding out barely enough to justify her own opinions and then refusing to look further, then she would know all this.
It’s tough times all around and sacrifices just have to be made sometimes. Perhaps, instead of getting angry about the difficult decisions that the people who are trying their best to run this city have been forced to make, you should just tighten your belt another notch, work with your friends and neighbors to get through these difficult times and tough it out like the rest of us are doing.
Andrew Montgomery



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