Letters to the Editor - September 9-15, 2010

Published on Wed, Sep 8, 2010
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The Editor:
I want to extend a huge thank you to the people and businesses of Blaine and the businesses of Whatcom County for their continued support of the annual Run to the Border. Over the last nine years, volunteers, businesses and participants have contributed money, products and services to this annual fund raising event for the kids of our community. I’d also like to thank the Blaine school district (Ron Spanjer and Jim Kenoyer) and the city of Blaine for hosting this community event since the RTTB’s inception.
Next year’s Run to the Border will be August 6 during the Drayton Harbor Days weekend. For this year’s and last year’s 1-mile and 5k finishes please go to: http://bit.ly/9Zhv4a.
Again, thank you everyone for your continued support of the kids in our community! Together we can make a difference!
Dan Persse

The Editor:
Blaine police activity has had a negative effect on visitors to real estate open houses and likely the rest of potential downtown shoppers. Last year, Blaine police issued three times (300 percent) more citations than Lynden by population comparison. They now appear driven to raise revenues even more and perhaps drive out whatever is left of our dwindling local commerce. Traffic citations to date are 23 percent higher than last year for a total of $1,772.
If the issue is safety, then let’s put flashing speed limit signs where there are such issues (like Portal Way). This would exhibit an “honest” concern.
Joel Douglas

The Editor:
As a Disney retiree, I feel compelled to respond to a previous writer’s comment about wearing a hijab on the job.
All Disney parks and resorts are themed. Costumes are provided fresh every workday according to the themed location. During pre-employment orientation, dress codes on the job are well documented in handbooks and classes, i.e. no nose rings, excessive jewelry, black lipstick, etc. There are two main parts to the parks and resorts, backstage and stage. When you are exposed to guests you are “on stage.”
You don’t wear your religion, political or sexual orientation on your sleeves. You are representing Disney to guests from all over the world, not only Americans. Starting with Epcot Center, employees from all over the world work on special visas and represent their culture. They are of all religions, including Muslims, to give the guests the best Disney experience. The Disney Company is much more than just “a small world after all” ride.
On Ash Wednesday, I washed my ash cross off my forehead before going on stage.
Thousands of Mideastern Jews, Hindus, Christians, atheists, etc. were on their way to enjoy and in the future repeat a visit to experience Disney World, Disney Land and its resorts. It was my job to provide that.
Christine Wood

The Editor:
I travel the border by foot quite often as a Blaine resident because there is no point in getting NEXUS due to the wait times. I do find our officers very polite in most cases.
But one thing that still has not changed is the walk through procedure. When I stand in line and wait, U.S. border personnel do ask if there is anyone on foot and they try to rush them through, which is great.
But the problem is I cannot hear the officers asking for foot traffic. I am hearing impaired and have missed their questions on more than one occasion. I have asked at the counter for this to be addressed a few times but my request seems to fall on deaf ears. (No pun intended.) I think U.S. personnel needs to make a better effort when talking to the crowd inside or have a sign for foot traffic. Then our own CBP would be compliant with the ADA act.
Dean Berkeley



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