Letters to the Editor - August 12-18, 2010

Published on Thu, Aug 12, 2010
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The Editor:
Once again, the Birch Bay Food Pantry has been the recipient of generous hearts and creative fundraising. Susan and Pat Brush of Birch Bay Hair Care and Birch Bay Consignment Shop, Karl King Photography along with many others, put together a plan to make postcards using local residents to spell out Birch Bay on the tide flats. An aerial photo was taken and made into postcards. All proceeds go to the local food pantry.
A huge thank you to everyone who participated and made this fundraiser possible.
Lynne Chapman, Birch Bay Food Pantry
Birch Bay

The Editor:
We would like to thank Bill Bullock, assistant public works director for the city of Blaine, for the excellent work he is doing on the H Street project. Bill has worked tirelessly with the homeowners affected by this major project to keep them informed and to assure the best outcome with the least disruption and damage.
His approach of listening, remembering concerns and finding workarounds puts him in the ranks of the very best public servants. His design will help our neighborhood be more livable with noise reduction and safety improvements.
Now if people will just drive the speed limit!
Also, thanks to Pete, Cathy and the other folks from Colacurcio who have been empathetic, friendly and professional. We look forward to continuing to have them around during the next year as the project completes.
Please watch out for the flaggers and drive slow.
Alexis and Sanford Staley

The Editor:
Last Monday evening interested townspeople gathered behind city hall to dedicate a rebuilt skate park. Included were perhaps a dozen local youths on skate boards and bicycles, enjoying the newly furbished facility with its ramps, jumps and slides.
Conspicuously missing on all the kids were protective gear, which for me is egregious relative to my years as a traumatic brain injury (TBI) rehabilitation therapist in Howard County, Maryland and, the first civil administration in our nation with an ordinance requiring children under 16 years to wear protective headgear when riding a bicycle.
Parents, you’re required to wear seat belts and your vehicles have air bags for the very reason I’m appealing to you; many of my clients’ heads hit their windshields during an accident when not wearing a seat belt, resulting in a TBI.
Typically, after a fall onto the unforgiving concrete at the skate park and brain injury, life’s changed forever with remorse and regret the common preoccupation. Lifelong medical conditions and expenses replace hopes and dreams for the individual and their families.
A diminished opportunity for careers, marriage and family if at all, is the TBI individual’s reality the rest of their lives! Life in group homes, dependence on relatives or worse is a potential none of us want for anyone.
I’ll suggest our city council make it a condition for use of our skate park that appropriate protective gear must be worn when using the facility, as a responsible body looking after the welfare of our next generation and our own peace of mind.
Bob Hendricks

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