Letters to the Editor - July 29 - August 4, 2010

Published on Wed, Jul 28, 2010
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The Editor:
I would like to make a couple of corrections in the article regarding NW Park and Recreation’s plans for the Bay Horizon gym space.
Firstly, the architecture firm of Grinstaad and Wagner are working on the gym renovation project with the district and not the playground. Whatcom County Parks is taking on the design, purchasing and installation of the playground equipment as well as all property improvements.
Also, the new interior bathroom will not have locker rooms, but accessible bathrooms and a new meeting room are in the plans as well as a storage room for tables and chairs to be used by public renters.
We look forward to this project and having a great new facility to serve the needs of the community.
Erin Anderson, director
NW Park and Recreation district #2

The Editor:
On June 21, Time Magazine published “The Spreading Stain” about recklessness and regulatory failure in the Gulf disaster. Six hundred environmental disasters over the past 50 years were caused by human greed, arrogance, laziness and the indifference that corporations, government and citizens exhibit. We are the ones who turn natural hazard into disaster. Consumption and profit are all that matters. Note the court case against stopping new deep water drilling until the “science of danger can be proven.”
Sarah Palin, in “Going Rogue,” said that BP could not to be trusted for safety and accountability. Remember BP’s Texas City refinery explosion killing 15 and wounding more than 170? This site had been fined for 700 violations before the explosion causing then EPA agent Scott West to say, “BP is a serial environmental criminal.”
After the explosion, Hurricane Dennis battered BP’s offshore Thunder Horse, exposing a shoddy ballast system. Then there was the corroded pipeline in BP’s Prudhoe Bay field leaking thousands of barrels of crude.
BP should be responsible for cleanup and compensation but with 23 different oil companies drilling in the Gulf and BP being the largest, we can only expect more disaster. We must reduce our oil consumption.
Donna Starr

The Editor:
The tall ships, Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain, cannot express their gratitude to the city of Blaine enough. Consistently, the city of Blaine proves to be one of the most friendly and hospitable ports of our tour!
The people are enthusiastic and unbelievably welcoming, despite the ever-rotating crew aboard our two sail training vessels, the good people of Blaine continue to open their arms to welcome us all. We, the crew, would especially like to thank our fantastic local volunteers, Drayton Harbor Maritime and Captain Richard Sturgill for their support of the vessels as well as making our visit to Blaine one to look forward to every year.
We look forward to seeing you again next year!
Matte “Elmo” Gowen, chief mate S/V Lady Washington

The Editor:
While playing on the beach down at Semiahmoo Spit with my boys I noticed the many beach treasures left by pet owners.
Left behind, under, even on top of logs along the beach we found quite a few bags of dog poop. My 6- and 4-year-old boys had no problem finding them when they were exploring the beach looking for shells.
I heard too many times “Look Mom another bag of dog poop” ...please to those pet owners who think these are bags of beach treasures that other people wish to find, show some courtesy and quit being lazy – throw these bags in the garbage.
Sheila Dalry

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