Letters to the Editor - May 20 - 26, 2010

Published on Fri, May 21, 2010
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The Editor:
Just a reminder to the community that on May 22 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the H Street Plaza, this year’s Blaine Gardener’s Market will kick off the 2010 season. Vendors of all descriptions are welcome to sell their wares and garden products. This is a great time to pot up some extra strawberry and raspberry plants.
Please remember that only items made or grown by the vendor or the vendor’s representative may be sold. No flea market or resale items are permitted.
Buskers, nonprofits and licensed traveling food merchants are welcome. Set-up time starts at 8:30 a.m.
This is a free market, although donations will be accepted on site for the market fund.
Don’t forget at noon will be the first International Slug Races. Be there! There will also be a demonstration of Tai Chi at 10:30 a.m. at the G Street Plaza.
For more information, please contact Ron Snyder or Cathy Taggett at 332-8082.
Ron Snyder, The Circle of Trees

The Editor:
Our past citizens that used to use the old train depot and counted on it as a mode of travel would be turning in their respective graves, regarding moving it or tearing it down.
Every town needs a center, many towns in Europe have town centers and they are the heart and soul of a community, Prague, Rome, Krakow, Mexico City.
Why Whatcom County train stations are not cherished and protected is a huge wonder to me, look at the grand station in Bellingham. It, like Blaine’s, is down on the waterfront forgotten.
This distant possibility of an actual Amtrak stop, could be the difference between local economic success or failure, it ties in with local development, tourism and would really put Blaine on the map!
I sent a copy of this letter and our paper to the CEO and new owner of BNSF, Mr. Warren Buffett.
Maybe he could stop this absence of intelligence going on about moving or tearing down this one of a kind jewel in the rough. He seems reasonable and likes traveling by train I understand.
Seems the train station has a lot of supporters out there. Many have come into my shop and mentioned my letter and agree. Come in to voice your support and give ideas.
Maybe if we save this place and let BNSF build their spur line anywhere else but downtown, we will save a slice of our center and who knows, perhaps a local Amtrak stop one day?
The only letter writer who insists it must be moved says BNSF could always build another. I seriously doubt another station would be built, once it is gone.
We could remodel it in place (I’ll volunteer) and make it a viable income property, at least until Amtrak can make it a stop, with the support of CBP and the GSA. The rent could be paid to the owners of BNSF.
Save it in place, I believe it is that important to our community folks! If Lacey, Washington saved theirs, why not Blaine?
Bill Becht

The Editor:
I have noticed in the last few months the installation of waterless/flushless urinals in men’s rooms. Above many of these devices are chrome placards stating the use of the new device “will save 40,000 gallons of water per year.”
While I certainly am no genius, I can operate a calculator, have been operating urinals for nearly 60 years and that sounded like a lot of water!
From prior experience (shall we say first hand?) I have read on a number of old fashioned plumbing devices “.9 gallons per flush.”
So I took the 40,000 gallons and divided by 365 days and got 109.6 gallons of water per day.
Then I divided our 109.6 gallons by eight working hours and got 13.7 gallons per hour.
Then I divided 60 minutes by 13.7 gallons per hour and got one gallon (flush) every 4.38 minutes!
The facility I am referring to had two of these devices. So somebody is trying to tell me one of those devices is being used every 2.2 minutes of every day for 365 days a year?
The one thing I know for sure is this current green fad is producing a lot of B.S. in some places.
Don’t ask me to believe it all just because it is stated on a nice chrome placard.
Konrad Lau

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