Letters to the Editor - April 15 - 21, 2010

Published on Wed, Apr 14, 2010
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The Editor:
I too, wish that the former Great Northern train depot could continue to exist in its present location and that the train would stop and we could all ride on the railway to Bellingham or Vancouver or points beyond. That would be good for our fair town.
But wishing it so doesn’t change the fact that the Blaine depot is privately owned by the BNSF Railway, a Fortune 500 for profit corporation and that BNSF has declared their private property surplus and has slated the depot for demolition if it is not moved off their property. This is a fact, not wishful thinking!
BNSF has no present or future plans to use the building again except to have it removed one way or the other. The depot to BNSF is like chattel whose usefulness has expired; unfortunately, much like the venerable cabooses that used to trail behind their trains. I would love to see the little cabooses ride the rails, but that too is wishful thinking.
The Coalition for Historic Preservation, knowing the vulnerable position the depot is in, is trying to save it by relocating it to the proposed Plover Park on port property near the public boat launch at Blaine harbor. Lastly, the depot doesn’t need to be at its present location to get Amtrak to stop in Blaine. What is needed is a policy change to get a passenger train to stop here.
Again, unfortunately when the Federal Railroad Administration years ago decided to shorten the travel time between the major cities on this route, many former whistle stops were eliminated, including the one in Blaine.
Until this policy is changed (which I don’t think the folks in Blaine will have much influence on) passenger trains will not stop here other than to let CBP officers inspect inbound trains.
If we go on wishing the train station will stay where it is and not support the effort to move it, it will be lost forever.
Richard Sturgill

The Editor:
It is truly mindboggling how the people can be led down the road to complete cool aid (sic) drinking when it comes to the spending of the state, local and federal government. The left-wing The Northern Light rag says the city is only spending $70,000 for the roundabouts and they are so wrong.
The $7.2 million dollars of your money, the state, federal and local governments have no money, it is all our money. If not for us they would not have the money to spend so haphazardly.
With a $2 billion dollar deficit in this state and staggering unemployment numbers why spend this amount of money on roundabouts just to keep some state union people employed when they could have used it to reduce the states debt?
This city is so dead with lack of business and getting worse all the time and just like the previous administration that said if we improve main street the businesses will come.
That was a colossal failure, now comes the roundabouts which is another colossal failure in the making. With no jobs in this town and our young people leaving here as fast as they can, the debt this council is accruing will be the responsibility of generations to come.
Hopefully those people will have more common sense than the majority of idiots who sit on the current council who keep spending your money like it’s a never-ending source.
David White

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