Letters to the Editor - March 24 - 31, 2010

Published on Wed, Mar 24, 2010
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The Editor:
As a homeowner and a business owner in Blaine, I am shocked to hear that the mayor of Blaine is putting in two roundabouts at the north and south ends of town.
With the economy as is, the downtown area is starting to look like a ghost town with businesses closing their doors, I would think that what it’s going to cost for these roundabouts that this money could be put to better use! To name a few thoughts, an emergency medical center, a movie theater, a roller skating rink or even an indoor swimming pool, as well as using this money to bring more business into the Blaine area to keep this town alive.
The entertainment for our upcoming generation is little to none. We need more resources for our kids to keep them off the streets as well as stop vandalism in our neighborhoods.
Rick Bachtal
(Editor’s note: The roundabouts are a state department of transportation project located at the north end of town at Peace Portal Drive and Marine Drive and D Street. There is no roundabout planned for the south end of town.)

The Editor:
I love the Canadian folks, but I don’t subscribe to their politics, so to all the Canadians chiming in with their support on our national healthcare issue, respectfully, butt out. It isn’t your country, it isn’t your tax dollar and it isn’t your freedoms being decided. One size doesn’t fit all.
Why? You don’t have thousands of illegal aliens streaming across your southern border that overload the system. Your political mind set leans towards socialism while our Constitution is based on individual responsibility.
Plus, I seem to hear of more Canadians coming south for healthcare than I hear of Yanks going north for healthcare, and if you compare the huge disparity in the population of the two countries, it’s a truly dramatic observation. You’d think that the largest population would flood north to obtain the free healthcare if it was so great, but I don’t believe that’s the case. And we don’t wait in line for months or years. I hear that many Canadian doctors are moving out of Canada and now many U.S. doctors are threatening to stop practicing if this healthcare bill is passed.
Yes, there are definitely issues to resolve in our system, but the way it’s currently being proposed won’t solve the problems plus, it has onerous elements that are truly distasteful to many people, such as high long-term costs, coercive fines for not signing up and funding for abortions.
To top it off, the political and administrative process in Washington, D.C. to pass the bill has been totally corrupted. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
But again, it should be of no concern to anyone but the U.S. taxpayer unless the rest of the world appreciates coming here for their health care. And if that’s the case, they should also oppose this move to socialized medicine or there will be nowhere else for them to go. Americans might also take note of these differences.
Martin Conyac

The Editor:
Since the fall of 2003, the U.S. armed forces have been governed by the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, which has resulted in more than 13,500 service members being fired. Twenty-four countries currently allow openly gay service members; Turkey and the United States are the only two original NATO countries to have bans in place. A nation that prides itself on being diverse and a world leader should not engage in a policy of discrimination. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people currently serve their country with pride, but must keep their personal lives a secret in order to do so. They risk their lives to serve our nation and should be able to openly serve.
Private employers are prohibited from discriminating based on gender identity and sexual orientation in 20 states and the District of Columbia.
As one of the largest employers in the nation, the U.S. military should adopt similar practices and end its policy of discrimination. I am running for U.S. Senate. For additional information about my views, visit www.ward2010.com.
Chris Ward

The Editor:
I live in Birch Bay and work nights in Blaine. Most nights I follow lost souls looking for Semiahmoo on my way home. Who made it part of Blaine anyway? Never mind the west UGA too. Local officials, county and city alike, seem oblivious to the obvious: Build a bridge to Semiahmoo or make all of it part of the county it is surrounded by. Let it become part of the future city of Birch Bay, two Bays, or whatever we decide to call it.
The businesses of Blaine complain there is no traffic. Imagine if the D Street exit became the Blaine/Semiahmoo exit, especially if gambling were allowed there. Those traffic circles would get put to good use too.
The bridge could open for Marine traffic and perhaps be designed to fit in with our local flavor. Surely everyone could get together, the city of Blaine, Port of Bellingham, Semiahmoo Resort and Trillium to find a way to fund it?
The Plover is cute, but doesn’t cut it as a connection to Semiahmoo plus it’s only seasonal. Oh well, we can dream can’t we?
Teresa Moore
Birch Bay

The Editor:
Do you drink Coc? Do you ride a bic? Could you catch a pass from Jac Locker?
“Mic” is just as ridiculous as Coc, bic, and Jac. Please stop printing it and instead say mike like most of the world. If you put “open mike” and “open mic” into Google’s search engine, you’ll get many more hits for mike.
David Williams

The Editor:
In the first paragraph it’s going to be about what earth hour is. The second paragraph it’s going to be about how it makes a change. The last paragraph will be about why you should participate.
What is earth hour, you ask? Earth hour is a time where you turn off all your lights for one hour. And find something to do in that spare time. I’m not asking you to turn off your refrigerator. Because then all your food would go bad ewwwww. So just turn off all your lights for one hour.
Second, how it can make a change? Earth hour can change you! You could participate in it and want to join in other community works. For instance, you might want to walk more and use your car less. Ride a bike or take a walk. It’s all for a good cause.
I think you should participate in earth hour. Why, you ask? Because it shows that we care about the earth. That we do want to help the earth. If we do it, it helps stop air pollution. Or just pollution in general. Also you don’t need lights on in the daytime. You could just go outside and enjoy the day. Unless it’s raining, then you could play a board game instead of playing on the computer or video games. So please join in on earth hour.
These paragraphs were on earth hour and why you should participate. How it makes a change and what is. Please, this year join in on earth hour to show that you care. Please, don’t you love the earth?
Shakada W.
(Editor’s Note: The sixth-grade students in Sarah Fisher’s class at Blaine middle school each submitted a letter in support of earth hour.)

The Editor:
After being presented with a petition of over 500 signatures, input from over 30 businesses and over 60 people in attendance opposed, Blaine city council voted to write a letter to WSDOT supporting the proposed roundabouts on the Peace Portal Drive, D Street and Marine Drive intersections.
Reason: “Looking towards Blaine’s future.” Our question is, what in the future are we looking for?
We recently lived through the Olympics, over two years of the most expensive and largest construction project in Blaine’s history (border station), two years of upgrades to the truck route, 1 1/2 years of construction on Marine Drive and the continuing construction of Blaine’s sewer treatment plant and this intersection serviced the needs of the town just fine.
Let’s talk money. According to Daniel Mathis, Federal Highways Administration, $13.2 million dollars was allotted to and has already been sent to WSDOT for this project. Supposedly, this project will cost about $8 million now. That leaves approximately $5 million. Where does this money go?
With this much money left over why is the city having to spend $70,000 towards this project? What fund is the money coming out of – street fund, utilities fund, etc? Where could this money be used if not on this project? Street repairs and upgrades, utility upgrade, etc?
Our last comment speaks to an e-mail we received from city staff last week inviting us to a meeting at city hall concerning parking and other related items concerning this project.
Remember during the “Seascape” development process and all the lawsuits and countersuits that were filed during that episode?
We remember city staff, and we are paraphrasing, said the city will never again enter into agreements, relax rules, timelines, etc., that all rules and processes would be done before construction begins. At last report WSDOT was still tinkering with design, parking, trail, bike lane, lighting concepts and pedestrian safety problems.
This is something we will have to live with for 30 to 40 years. We need to make sure it is done right, if done at all.
Please get involved, call city hall or your council person, ask why? There is still time.
Steve Dodd &
Mike Dodd

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