Letters to the Editor - February 4 - 11, 2010

Published on Wed, Feb 3, 2010
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The Editor:
Whenever there is conflict
With the grumpy old troll,
Rain or shine
I go for a stroll
Lucio waves and says “Como esta!”
My neighbor’s dog Harley,
Lifts up his paw.
A gaze at the harbor
Always inspires.
The beauty and solace
My spirit requires.
When some folks say,
“How can you live there?”
“It must be a bore.”
I embrace the serenity;
Who can ask for anything more!
Linda Alexander

The Editor:
It would be laughable if not it was so serious when contemplating the simplistic antics of the Tea Baggers and the Newly Awakened Letter Writers (NALW) who have recently awakened to the political practices used to gain legislative support. The Tea-Baggers were evidently brain-dead during the George W. Bush administration, which created the economic and military mess we have now. And the congressional NAWL critics never heard of how Tom Delay helped the Bush administration with gentle persuasion, that is, big carrots and very big sticks, in gaining support for certain legislation? If those actions were reasons for impeachment then it should have been the prime preoccupation for a responsible congress during the past administration. Of course the majority of those Republican congressmen and their supporters were very deaf, dumb and blind.
As to the current health care legislation: agreed, it really is grossly flawed and is a “cash cow” for the insurance companies. It should be tossed and re-done honestly, without the pay-offs from industry lobbyists. That is why campaign financing is a root problem and not really a secondary issue!  Of course the Bush-appointed Supreme Court disagrees about campaign reform.
If the U.S. would have a single-payer health care system then it would benefit not only individuals but our future society and definitely all employers. I believe there is enough intelligence left in the U.S. to create a good system that avoids the problems found in other systems. Have the health care fear-mongers ever realized that the current system also has problems? We do have excellent care available, but the system of coverage and delivery is badly flawed and breaking down.
If the majority of congressmen were actually responsive to the majority of their constituents and more concerned about the health of our country than their re-election, then bribery would neither be effective or needed, and responsible reform would be crafted.
Don Starr

The Editor:
It seems Mr. Rutter’s monthly tirades are his effort to impose his anti-growth policies on your readers. Fortunately, I believe your readers recognize who and what he is. He continues to attack or criticize real estate agents, developers, cities and our county with his “estimates,” “my guess” and generally inaccurate data.
To set the record straight Mr. Rutter is a staunch supporter of Futurewise, an anti-growth activist organization. His last letter is most likely in response to the defeat of his organization when the state Supreme Court ruled in favor of Gold Star Resorts and against Futurewise. He also served on their board of directors in recent years.
Also, he always signs his letters as being from Blaine.
He resides in Birch Point and like many of us in the unincorporated part of the county we are served by the Blaine post office. That does not make us residents of Blaine. Fortunately, many letters to the editors are from residents who are not afraid to state that they live in Birch Bay. Kudos to those people and boo to Mr. Rutter who seems afraid to disclose his true residence.
He and Futurewise are reluctant to face and accept the reality that, regardless of their actions, growth will occur in Whatcom County and if properly managed and controlled, this type of growth will benefit us.
I am in favor of incorporation of Birch Bay and one reason is that it will allow us to control and manage growth and not rely on the county to do so.
Mickey Masdeo
Birch Bay

The Editor:
No roundabouts.
Thank you for your nearly universal support of a letter we have sent to our state representatives and the Washington State secretary of transportation, Paula Hammond. For those of you not in the know, last week my wife and I went to all the businesses we could find and many property owners in our central business and marine districts. Four out of our seven council members and 95 percent of those we approached signed this letter, a letter asking for the delay of the roundabouts at I-5 and Peace Portal Drive for one year. We had some wonderful conversations with our community, which was the highlight of this venture.
These signature pages and corresponding material were sent on Friday via fax.
In my experience of many hours on the phone with the DOT, delay and deflection are primary tools used to defeat opposition to their project. That is, they send you somewhere else, to the city of Blaine, to your elected officials and yes, they have lied, in telling me there was a lot of support for this project in our business community. If and when you contact these other parties, they of course, send you back around to the DOT, a new definition of “roundabout”!
We have gotten tired of their tactics, but we have not given in. Your signatures have helped get the attention of the real power holders at the DOT. We are expecting a response from the regional director this week, and secretary Hammond will be formally responding later this or next week. I have tried to impress upon them the need for a timely response. Hopefully these officials will listen to reason: there is no need for this project and our community will be hurt by it.
There is a public letter, of similar content, available for your signature at various downtown locations. If you have not signed this letter, please make an effort to do so. We appreciate your support.
Thomas and Laurie Bridge,
local business supporters

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